It’s the CHY-NA Virus& CHY-NA Better Pay For It

It’s exactly where we’re going to start this entry.
It’s not the Trump virus. It came from China-the CCP covered it up with the help of the WHO,
giving the new virus enough time and space to become a Pandemic and nearly take down our economy.
The Trump economy was really taking off too. His prospects for getting re-elected were probably pretty good as long as the economy kept going in the same direction by November.
While the pandemic-unbeknown to us-was also taking off the Democrats were in the middle of trying to impeach the President.
On Jan 21 our first Covid-19 case made the news.

after returning to Seattle, Washington, from traveling in Wuhan, China, a man in his 30s began to experience pneumonia-like symptoms.

He was tested,the CDC confirmed the virus and he was subsequently hospitalized.
On Feb 26 the news reported that the U.S. had 60 confirmed cases,44 of which were

infected aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship

I’m sure we all remember that. The Pres began the Coronavirus Task Force and put VP Mike Pence in charge of it.
The White House then sent Congress

a $2.5 billion budget plan that would provide funding for vaccine research and stockpile protective equipment, like face masks.

Pres Trump had 2 objectives to meet; inform the public but not throw them into a panic.
Easier said than done.

He also sent out 2 Hospital ships,ventilators and other ppe requested by the Governors of NY/CALIFORNIA all of which had to be ramped up for production. The President did everything HUMANLY possible to address the virus,help the states and try to keep the public calm. Newsflash Dems: Trump cannot cure the virus.

President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday he is dispatching the Navy hospital ship USNS Comfort to New York Harbor, while also invoking the Defense Production Act to expand the U.S. response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The other, USNS Mercy, is being prepared to deploy to a location on the West Coast

Now he’s just short of being accused of causing the virus. Kamala Harris accused the President of mishandling the response. You can’t honestly read the accounts here and say Pres Trump mishandled the response.
He started with an empty supply of ventilators and ppe thanks to Obama and Biden.
China is responsible and China should be held accountable.I still believe it was a deliberate act of biological warfare but without evidence it’s just an opinion. There’s enough conspiracy theories without my starting another one. I can only say that’s my gut instinct. PERIOD.

Here’s where i wanted to go with this entry; the lack of information and even misinformation re Covid-19.
Let me be clear; I AM NOT A MASK NAZI.If i see someone who is not wearing a mask,where it is mandated, then i’m going to stay away from that person;social distance myself. I’m definitely NOT getting in their face.Kind of defeats the purpose doesn’t it?

You make up your own mind about wearing/not wearing a mask.

I do know this;it’s not a hoax,it’s [obviously] highly contagious and for people with underlying health issues,it’s usually lethal.Does a mask prevent spread? The CDC says it offers SOME protection.
Last i knew some is better than none.If you have Covid and are asymptomatic it could prevent others from being infected. Worth it to me.

I honestly don’t get the objection people have to a simple request. Do I like the masks? NO!! All they do is remind me that we were hit by a pandemic from China that turned our great life in the United States on its head.

Every time i see someone with a mask it just reminds me it happened and it’s not over.This isn’t normal but then the pandemic hasn’t been exactly normal either.

Am i going to have a hissy about having to wear one? NO. Would i prefer we didn’t have to? ABSOLUTELY.You’re not getting into a Dr office or hospital without one and they must have good reason.
My husband has sleep apnea and wears a C-pap mask every night.

For others who use a C-pap you know how comfortable those masks are. I don’t have to tell you what they’re like but you,like my husband,consider the alternative.

So now we have people who refuse to wear a mask,refuse to social distance and as far as i can tell are also going to refuse to get a vaccine if they find one.

I understand why people see these measures as an encroachment on their freedom but i also see that someone confined to an icu unit who cannot have any outside contact [and may die] isn’t having much of an experience of freedom either.

Would i wear one in a vehicle by myself? I’ve heard that there are people who do but i’m not one of them. Do i care that some people do? Not really. It doesn’t affect me.Maybe they just forgot to take it off too. How would i know and why would it matter?

I was sure the American people would unify and rally to defeat this plague, as Pres Trump calls it. I don’t care to see the country get shut down again & I’m 100% sure Pres Trump feels the same way.

The plague is a strange one. It’s a little like the flu in some ways and not at all like the flu in others. It’s been a surprise at every turn. We don’t know,what we don’t know- yet. We know more today than we did months ago but the data is still coming in. Thank God Pres Trump had the guts to ban travel even when the Dems were calling him racist,xenophobic,over-reacting.
We know this: it’s highly contagious,it can be lethal, a person who contracts it can be asymptomatic and others who get infected and recover may still suffer from its effects-some are horrific.
The symptoms range from mild to severe.
The mask offers SOME protection(mainly from droplets) but social distancing is more effective [though not always possible] and hand washing/sanitizing helps stop the contagion and spread.

They have come up with some treatments. The jury is still out on those. If there’s no harm done, anything is worth a try and that is a decision best left to the patient and their PCP.

A lot of people talk about herd immunity but the threshold is so high- meaning how many people who would have to develop immunity for herd immunity to work-that the death toll would be staggering.It would be unethical. The only chance for herd immunity to work is probably going to be a vaccine and that’s if they CAN develop one. There’s always that question,WHAT IF? Again,we don’t know what we don’t know. This hasn’t been like anything we’ve experienced before.

We learned that adults are more apt to get it than children. We learned that the elderly with health problems were the most vulnerable and very young children were the least;very rare. We also watched as it started to affect people in younger age groups.

We weren’t even sure where/how case no 1 contracted it.
A lot of people at first thought it was no worse than the flu/cold and a mask was unnecessary. We can thank China and the ONCE TRUSTED WHO for that one.We started off with 1 case,quickly jumped to 66 and eventually we had cases in all 50 states.Bottom line;HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS but we weren’t even 100% certain of how it COULD BE spread. We knew it was human to human transmission but a little in the dark about any other ways it could spread. You wouldn’t dare test this out with real subjects meaning there are some things about how it’s spread we may not know with certainty.

I do know this:
We’d all be better off avoiding conspiracy theories. I’d rather stick with a little right information that i can understand than a lot of information that may or may not be true in a realm that is out of my league.You almost have to take the politics out of it (TRY)and ask yourself,what can i do to help defeat Covid-19?

We may have to be patient and wait on the people who are studying the virus to sift through all the data;eventually they will have the luxury of hindsight to look at it.Conspiracy theories generally lead to bad decisions & don’t help anyone.
China,NOT Trump, is at fault and definitely needs to be held accountable. They did a lot of damage to the United States(our first concern)and the world.