Pentagon Aims for Fewer Than 5,000 Troops in Afghanistan by November

The United States is counting on further military withdrawal from Afghanistan to potentially fewer than 5,000 troops as inter-Afghan peace talks progress, the Pentagon said Monday.“Over the next four months, the United States will continue to drawdown its force levels in Afghanistan based on conditions in-country,” the Department of Defense said in a statement.“Our current trajectory expects to see the number of US service members in Afghanistan be below 5,000 by the end of November.”“As always, such drawdowns remain conditions-based and are implemented after consultation with Congress and in direct coordination with our NATO Allies and partners,” the Pentagon added.“The US military presence in Afghanistan remains focused on capabilities — not numbers.”The Pentagon’s statement was further clarification for statements by Defense Secretary Mark Esper, who appeared Saturday to announce an impending troop withdrawal.

Source: Pentagon Aims for Fewer Than 5,000 Troops in Afghanistan by November