VERY URGENT TWITTER FRIENDS:Husband has his open heart sugery in days now-i have to come up with at least $600(will help) by then to get us to Cleveland Clinic. Can you help?! *NO TIME LEFT .PLS HELP!* In a panic! Nobody donated a dime.

Under normal circumstances i would never consider asking anyone for a dime. Unfortunately it’s not a normal circumstance for us this year.

We’re looking at a 2nd trip to the Cleveland Clinic for my husband’s open heart surgery.We managed to pay for the first trip out of our own pocket(barely).He went  to the Clinic for initial testing including a consultation. We’re coming up short for this one and it’s a longer stay than the first.

He’s going to have the actual surgery and his damaged mitral valve will be replaced. We even looked at a cardiac hospital much closer to home and they declined because my husband is a moderate risk due to other underlying health issues. They recommended the Cleveland Clinic and the Clinic accepted him.

We did set aside some money in our savings-what we could-but we’re still coming up short and now we’re short on time. His surgery is scheduled for Sept 2. We have to be there on the 1st.I didn’t set up a gofundly.

I’ve tried it before to get donations for other people in need and it was always a failure.I don’t know how people manage to do as well as they do there but i don’t have time to go through what i know would be another failure.

I originally set up the pay pal account to take donations for the blog;not knowing that my husband would end up as sick as he did. I’ve paid out of my own pocket to go premium here 2 yr in row. Had i known this was coming i could have held off this year.It would have helped some.

Long story short, without getting into a lot of medical lingo, my husband had a wicked case of cellulitis that caused bacterial endocarditis.

It hit his heart and the mitral valve was damaged beyond repair. [Some vegetation sat on it. He has fairly severe regurgitation]. A mitral clip would not take care of it.The surgeon has to do open heart so we’re looking at a 5 day MINIMUM stay in Cleveland. Hopefully 3 but 5 is most often the case.

If you’re willing(and able)to donate we would be glad to take any funds we might have left over and donate to the cause of your choice.I can’t promise we will have anything left,but i can promise we will not use a dime more than we need to.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. If Congress would have passed a bill and we had the stimulus check soon i can tell you I wouldn’t be writing this entry. It certainly would have covered us.

If you feel you want to help and are able there’s a donate button (paypal)in the right sidebar as well as the same button in the donate post.DONATE(PAY PAL) BUTTON

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