How my husband ended up going to the Cleveland Clinic & Has To Return. Open Heart Surgery at Cleveland Scheduled for Sept 2nd. We’re short on funds to go! Can you help?!

We are asking for help. Here is the story. There is a donate link at the end if you feel inclinded to help. We could sure use it.
It was near the end of 2019 that my husband had the worst health scare he has ever had. In fact it was approximately a week before Thanksgiving(give or take a few days).

Somehow he contracted a severe case of cellulitis. He had it before in a mild form a few times. It usually cleared up with anti-biotics and heat. I’m talking about small light pink patches of it on his leg.

This time it was so red it looked maroon, the leg was swollen from his knees all the way down to his toes. It was VERY painful. Two days out he went to the Dr and was running a high fever around 102.

He got through the weekend but no improvement. Come that Monday he couldn’t walk the pain was so excrutiating.

I had to call an ambulance and he was admitted to hospital. That hospital discharged him 2 days later to a higher care hospital and that hospital discharged him again & sent him to an even higher care hospital in _______.

It wasn’t Cleveland. He spent a night in ICU. The cellulitis had gone into sepsis and bacterial endocarditis.

The endocarditis attacked his mitral valve. Meantime,somewhere between all 3 hospitals he had 2 strokes. Nobody spotted it. One night at the last hospital he fell out of bed and they sent him down for a CT scan.

That’s when they discovered he had suffered the strokes. One small transient and evidently one larger that followed it.

After i signed all the consent forms i changed my mind and refused the open heart surgery for him at this particular hospital.

I just knew he wouldn’t make it. They forced him into a nursing facility once he was discharged. A whole other [horrible]drama. I was dead set against the nursing  home but had no choice.

One day I’ll write about that experience. When he finally made it home in Feb I decided he would get the open heart done at the Cleveland Clinic and the local hospital-as good as it is-recommended the Clinic because he is a moderate risk.

Without going into more detail i’ll wrap this up by saying he’s doing ok. He has severe regurgitation and last we knew some other problems with the mitral valve;POSSIBLY vegetation.

He is doing ok though. He got back his speech,motor skills,ability to swallow;he drags his feet a little and has this kind of shuffle when he walks but we’re thankful he’s as well as he is and survived at all.

He’s a fortunate man. God spared him because the sepsis,endocarditis and strokes all could have killed him. He had anointing of the sick from a priest at every hospital he landed in.

I insisted on it. I am convinced it’s the reason he was spared. Still we’re having financial shortcomings.

We’ve already had to go out to the Clinic once for his testing. Not cheap.We set aside some money for this-the most important- trip to Cleveland but we’re still short and short on time.

I didn’t set up a go fund me. Never had much success  using it for other causes for other people.  I figured i had 15k followers on twitter and if even half of my followers donated just 1.00 we’d make it!

Normally  I would NEVER ask anyone for a dime,let alone be pleading for 1.00 but we’re in a situation and there’s no options. 

Donations Accepted Here: Clinic Or Bust(pay pal)

Any questions, feel free to ask.

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Beirut Explosion: Horrifying Videos Emerge

At least 113 people were killed and more than 4,000 injured when 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate detonated — having been stored unsafely in a warehouse for six years — with the death toll expected to rise.On Wednesday, horrifying videos began to emerge from around the Lebanese capital showing the moment of the blast, shot from the phones of people who barely survived it — and some that likely didn’t.After the warehouse initially caught fire, a smaller explosion at the port had cellphones trained on the billowing smoke, with fascinated onlookers oblivious to the fact an inadvertent bomb about a fifth the size of the atomic one dropped on Hiroshima was about to go off:

Source: Beirut Explosion: Horrifying Videos Emerge