What IS the Problem With Masks?

When you go to a hospital and see a dr,nurse,surgeon or medic wearing a mask or any type of protective gear you don’t think twice. It’s par for the course. Same with a research lab. Not out of the ordinary is it? 

When i see someone on television or in a store-a civilian so to speak-it seems out of place,odd,even bizarre. On the other hand when i’m sitting on our front deck enjoying a gorgeous day and see other people out for a walk,enjoying their day with no mask, I feel things are normal again.Nothing has changed. There is no virus to contend with and life  has returned to the way it used to be. 

I wonder then if this is the aversion some people have to masks. It’s a constant reminder that things are out of whack;that for now we don’t live a normal life.

Of course there’s also a part of our nature that enjoys our freedom and we should*.Maybe wearing  a mask feels like a  surrender of that freedom to the people we elected to govern,what is known as the state. It’s not as if we haven’t surrendered enough of our freedom to the state already.

I can’t think of any other reasons people are ambivalent about wearing a mask. There are the mask warriors though. You see them in videos on twitter or you’ve experienced the warriors yourself. They are people who will confront you for not wearing a mask. I get their reasoning but their behavior isn’t helpful.

I found a video on Twitter of people who  are also known as mask nazi’s.This is exactly what  i am talking about-you have to admit the behavior is just awful. They may have a point but it’s lost on the recipient.When we approach ppl like a madman that’s what people see. Good reasoning goes out the window. I want people to understand why we need to wear masks,not alienate them to the point they never wear a mask. They will see it as a sign of being crazy & who could blame them. Maybe it’s time all of us had a serious but reasonable/civil talk?


The crux of the ‘wear mask-don’t wear mask’ debate is this:we are in the battle against a highly contagious,deadly virus we know very little about. It’s called  noveau virus because it is new,meaning we don’t have immunity against it,there is no vaccine and we’re struggling with therapies.

It’s a shame we have to deal with this and i certainly wish it had never happened,but we do and it has.

You can’t get into a doctor’s office or hospital without wearing  a mask. They must see the need. 

We have to get a handle on Covid-19. There’s only a few ways to stop the spread and a mask is one of the ways. We can also do social distancing and handwashing.

For the benefit of other people we can make the small sacrifice of wearing a mask.You can take it off in the comfort of your own home,but if you’re in a situation where you can’t social distance then it’s just good practice-albiet an uncomfortable one for us-to wear it.

We are going to have to admit we got hit with the virus,as much as we had hoped not to and do our part. I try to consider the caregivers who have had to make far larger sacrifices than we have, with some risk of exposing themselves to the virus. It does put it into perspective and make mask wearing easier.

If anyone tells you they don’t work or they’re not necessary make sure they can back that up. In fact,ask your own family doctor. I’d bet the farm(if i  had a farm) they will say you should wear it. You’re not getting in there without it as it is.

*Freedom is God’s gift to mankind. God is not a tyrant and man has no right to be either.America has always been the country that protects our God given rights.