Language Warning 

This Dr uses profanity so if that is going to offend you, then you can check out the videos from the other doctors i have posted here. He does make an effort in his more recent videos to leave it out. He also has the obnoxious habit of calling some people ‘dickheads.’ He could leave that out anytime and just stick to the info, realizing there will be ppl with strong feelings about some of the topics.They probably don’t take too kindly to him but he’d better off ignoring them. The truth is,no matter how well intentioned you are,not everyone likes you. Fact of life.

The main reason i’ve used his videos is that outside of some PERSONAL flaws like his cursing he is very adept at keeping complicated info simple and in a lay person’s terms. That’s important. His information is based on science and reliable data. I don’t go for the predictions he makes but that’s just me. I don’t put stock in predictions about anything, let alone a virus we know so little about.You can consider them if you like.