A Lay Person’s NON Politicized View of Covid-19

1. it’s called the NoveauCoronavirus because it’s new. Yes,it’s a SARS Virus but it is unique in many ways. We still don’t know, what we don’t know about the virus.They’ve learned a lot since the first outbreak and they keep learning.As time goes on there will be more data and more info.

2. It’s NOT the flu. Some features of it are similar but some are not. It is highly contagious. All we need to know.

3. WEAR A MASK,social distance when possible and wash hands. Yes,I said WEAR A MASK. Why is this such a big deal other than perhaps we would prefer to feel everything has gone back to normal and there’s no virus out there. Not wearing a mask isn’t going to change the facts and you risk spreading the virus.

If you want the country to open up then the trade off is you must wear a mask. It’s not very attractive but we have to stop the spread.PERIOD. Get informed. This is not political.

Any doctor(your doctor included) will tell you to wear a mask and you’re not getting into a Dr office or hospital without one.

Is it that big a sacrifice? I’d rather save a life than prove a point that doesn’t need to be made.I’m a free independent person;wearing a mask is not taking that away from me.

Yes,i know Dr Fauci said you didn’t have to wear one and Pres Trump let him put that out there but that was at a time we had no idea how dangerous/contagious this virus was-a lot of ppl concluded it was no worse than the flu.

THEN everyone got a dose of truth,including Fauci and Trump. The CCP (China)had lied and the WHO organization, that we had always counted on, covered up for China.

We go by the science and sometimes that changes. That’s the nature of real science.We only know so much and that can change when we learn something new.

I’m not crazy about Dr Fauci-i won’t get into it here-but i am not going to demonize a person who made the best call based on info we had at the time and updated that info as we learned more.

A lot of ppl had no idea and were blindsided. I can tell you at least 10 other reasons I’m  NOT crazy about Fauci but i’m not going to demonize him when he’s right.
There’s a few other facts I would love to mention here but i swore i was not going to politicize this at all.

4. There is good information out there. I’ve tried to stay away from OPINION pieces about Covid-19 and i think i’ve done a pretty good job of it. There is plenty of info from certified doctors [studies that are legit] to stay informed with.

Words to the wise: stay away from opinion pieces. Sure eveyone is entitled to one. Freedom of the press and speech shouldn’t stifle opinion but keep in mind that’s ALL it is.

I include media,especially cable news,in the opinion column. You are going to have to do much of your own homework and stick to LEGIT sources to know what you need to know about Covid-19.
I’ve used a variety of you tube videos on the topic, from doctors and scientists, who know what they’re talking about.You’ll find there is consensus with much of the information.

That is a pretty good sign it’s accurate; they are people who are willing to admit they have learned something new,when they learn something new. MOST of them are not political. They have no agenda except care of the ill and dying.PERIOD.

5. I would be taking Vitamin D unless YOUR doctor sees good reason not to. It certainly can’t hurt.

Here is a Dr who is an advocate for Vitamin D and its benefits in fighting Covid-19.I would caution not to consider anything an actual cure at this point,but it certainlty can’t hurt to use Vitamin D. I don’t think there’s a person on the planet,let alone a single Dr. who sees a cure for this virus.I’m only saying it seems helpful.

That’s it for my take. I’m not going to venture out any further because i have no expertise in any of this. What i am saying is wear a mask & do your own homework with LEGITIMATE sources,particulary licensed doctors. Stick with people who know their stuff and have no agenda.



Language Warning 

This Dr uses profanity so if that is going to offend you, then you can check out the videos from the other doctors i have posted here. He does make an effort in his more recent videos to leave it out. He also has the obnoxious habit of calling some people ‘dickheads.’ He could leave that out anytime and just stick to the info, realizing there will be ppl with strong feelings about some of the topics.They probably don’t take too kindly to him but he’d better off ignoring them. The truth is,no matter how well intentioned you are,not everyone likes you. Fact of life.

The main reason i’ve used his videos is that outside of some PERSONAL flaws like his cursing he is very adept at keeping complicated info simple and in a lay person’s terms. That’s important. His information is based on science and reliable data. I don’t go for the predictions he makes but that’s just me. I don’t put stock in predictions about anything, let alone a virus we know so little about.You can consider them if you like.


(773) French Virologist, Who Discovered HIV, Says Coronavirus Originated In A Lab – YouTube

my thinking exactly. I doubt it started with some wet market bat. It’s true that the animal to human transmission is dangerous and the wet markets[to be specific the Wuhan Wet Market] need to be shut down-i also doubted a bat that was probably in the market for some time would have suddenly started such a virus.Seems to me it would have started years ago. I’m not even sure they can get the bat that might cause this virus into the market because of its location and the well known danger associated with it.
I stay away from conspiracy theories-treat them like the plague-but i felt there was good reason to put this theory out here as a real possiblity. i suspected something more nefarious happened here from the very beginning and was skeptical of the bat story.