Information Without Action is Antithetical to Its Purpose…. | The Last Refuge pls check it out. A MUST read! (and share)

Modified internal text to facilitate password removal.Thanks again for all the support.  Do not take my brutally honest writing on DC to be anything other than a way for ordinary people to see the corrupt nature of this toxic place from an outsiders perspective.  I am not fearful, I am more determined than ever.

Source: Information Without Action is Antithetical to Its Purpose…. | The Last Refuge——–
Sundance is more aware of how skanky the DC swamp is than most people.I can say it’s skanky but i bet he breathes it.
I know we’ve had a lot to deal with this year. The attempted coup,the awareness of a uni party,the Never Trumpers,the riots,lawlessness,impeachment,the Flynn set up,Manafort still incarcerated,the COVID VIRUS being the icing on the cake. We also have to make absoluitely certain we turn out the vote and get Trump re-elected. Biden is dangerous. The left is dangerous.Pelosi is really dangerous.
On the bright side there are a slew of up and coming conservative candidates in the Republican party.The freshman are looking great! I’ll be posting every single one of them here. I can grab a few at a time.
Still waiting on Durham. I have been thinking lately that they’re grabbing the little fish first.
Makes sense. Get them to talk[and they will]. He better not wait too long. We’ve been patient. It didn’t take the Democrats long to go after Trump. They wasted no time with their nonsense.They slammed the Trump people hard.The GOP is soft. The GOP is too cautious. They play defense. Trump plays offense but the ridiculous GOP heads for the hills.He can’t go downfield alone all the time.