Bigger Fish To Fry

I was in the middle of writing a blog entry titled “To Wear or Not To Wear (a mask) that is THE question” and suffered writers block.I left it in draft not quite sure where it was heading.Meantime, seeing a lot of videos on Twitter with outright thuggery made my blood boil. It made the issue with masks small in comparison.We have bigger fish to fry. One day the mask pictures will be one for the history books-much like the Spanish Flu of 1917 -18. What we’re seeing is a breakdown in civil society that we have to get a handle on or someone will be re-writing our history.
It’s very disturbing. Worse is that they’re doing it for the cameras. Although that does have an advantage;you can see their faces clearly.So i say keep posting em.
There are a lot of factors contributing to the surge in violence but i’m not going to posit them for the simple reason i don’t care what’s causing it. i only care that we stop it and defend ourselves.`
I will argue with you all day long (regardless of race,ethnicity,party,ideology)on Twitter if i disagree with you.You can name call me,even the dreaded racist accusation [which people did back when I made it known i was not voting for Obama*]. I don’t care. Your opinion of me doesn’t mean squid. If we would meet in person the argument only goes as far as verbal. I would never hurt a fly. However,if you physically attack me,my family or friends and think I will stand there and take it you are badly mistaken.

Eventually all law abiding citizens like myself are not going to take it anymore & that i believe is the MAJORITY of Americans (black,white,Hispanic,Asian). We are only going to be patient up to a point. We don’t believe in violence as a first response.In fact we don’t believe violence is a legitimate response at all. We also believe we have a right to self defense,private property and to keep and bear arms.

“Your Liberty To Swing Your Fist Ends Just Where My Nose Begins.”

Remember that.

Sooner or later we’re going to say enough is enough.I think we’re almost at that point.You make the news. It only takes a few hundred to raise hell and get a headline. We’ve been watching. We don’t intend to ‘make the news’ but we don’t intend to lose our country either.We’ll see where this goes.Yep,we’re watching.
BTW. Our Trump2020 Keep America Great sign goes up in the yard next month. PROUDLY.

*Obama’s race/skin color had nothing to do with it .I voted FOR Herman Cain when he ran & felt terrible when he was forced to drop out.