The Divisive President.Donald J.Trump

Who remembers this?

Hillary Clinton admitted to being part of what was known as the resistance. I was on Twitter and every Democrat/Liberal was using the hashtag #resist when Trump was elected.

I can publish the tweets and prove it if you think I make this up.If you’ve never been on Twitter you would be floored by their tweets.

The marches started and Madonna as a key note speaker told the crowd that she thought a lot about blowing up the White House meaning Trump’s White House.Can you imagine if anyone did this when Obama was President?

Fast Forward: Just as Trump’s economic policies were having a positive effect on the country;a manufacturing comeback*,employment hitting historic highs,the stock market soaring,the achievement of energy independence,then the Coronavirus hit us.

It hit us hard. I remember when the country was hit hard by the 9/11 attacks and our firefighters and police rushed to the scene of the attack.

Many rushed into the Towers and died.I also remember how the American people rallied around then President  Bush and unified with a love of country i hadn’t seen in a long time.We were proud of our American flag. 

You would think the American people would have done the same thing when the invisible enemy,the Coronavirus, hit us but the Democrats were in the middle of trying to impeach the President.

The media was too busy trying to help the Democrats take Trump out of office.The media told the country that Obama could do no wrong & that Trump could do nothing right.

Activists took to the streets during the outbreak when rogue police officers killed George Floyd.The media promoted the narrative that we were surrounded by police brutality and systemic racism.

It could have been any incident but they used this one as it presented itself. The Marxists decided it would be their moment to attack the country and finally get their revolution.

The Democrats and media see it as an opportunity in an election year to destroy the President’s chances of re-election.

The Democrats are silent. Antifa is their militant arm.The media is their propaganda machine.

How could anyone do this to our country with the crisis our country is already facing?

The day Trump was sworn into office a group of Democrats made it known they would not attend the Inauguration; a peaceful transfer of power we have always respected.

The day Trump was sworn into office the Russian Hoax was off to the races. We found out the coup was underway(Obamagate)and gradually learned who was behind it.

Yet,the media and Democrats were(and STILL are) trying to convince the American people-at a time when we really do need to be united-that Pres Trump is divisive.

President Trump’s Mt Rushmore speech was so uplifting to the American people yet the headlines characterized it as dark. It was one of the few bright spots we had this year.

Word to the media: look in the mirror.Have some self awareness. TRY to be honest.You have to know most people can see what is going on.

The left started their attacks the second Trump won and Clinton lost.

A perfect example is the CEO of Goya,Robert Unanue, being attacked for paying Trump a very simple and polite compliment. Not allowed.The left immediately called for a boycott of Goya.

Tucker Carlson [Fox] spoke up about the riots in an opening statement and his advertisers dropped him either in fear of the mob or in support of it.

Small potatoes compared to what they did to the people on the Trump campaign or to Trump’s Security adviser, Gen Flynn.

The same people,that is the Democrats,media,Obama hold overs and the resistance let it be known to Trump himself[and his supporters] they wanted him to resign or be outed from office in any way possible.Yet,Trump is the divisive one.Got it.

*Trump must have found that magic wand Obama never knew existed.

Tuberville Crushes Sessions in Alabama Primary Senate Race… | The Last Refuge

President Trump supported republican candidate Tommy Tuberville has crushed former AG Jeff Sessions in the Alabama Senate primary run-off.  Margin holding at approximately 63-36 with over half of the precincts now reporting.

Source: Tuberville Crushes Sessions in Alabama Primary Senate Race… | The Last Refuge

I have several questions re Jeff Sessions. I considered him a good man,in the wrong spot. He should have stayed in the Senate;but he had ambitions and got the job he wanted by way as a favor from the man he supported,Trump.

That said, my questions remain.

Did Senator Sessions honestly believe he had a duty to recuse himself? Or was Sessions pressured (probably by Rodentstein)and caved? Was he swamp all along? Finally,was he thinking ahead  that if Trump were taken down in the coup  he could lose his position as AG UNLESS he played along and recused himself?

Tuberville better remember the person who got him the win.There were too many who took advantage of a Trump endorsement only to stab him in the back. Sessions was high profile because of the Russian collusion hoax but he is by no means the only back stabber.


Sullivan has no legal right to make such a request. Under the law, he has no standing to protest the original order and seek a rehearing.In our system of justice, the right of review extends only to the litigants themselves — defendants, plaintiffs, and in certain circumstances prosecutors. This is well established.Judges, who are supposed to be neutral arbiters, can contest nothing from a higher court.


Sullivan has proven to be anything but neutral. His biased conduct and demonstrated animosity toward Flynn is a disgrace to the bench.Federal courts have consistently held that “it is procedurally improper for a district judge to enter an appearance in an appeal … whether as a party, intervenor, or amicus.” (Ligon v. City of New York, 736, F.3d 166, 2013). This is so because “a district judge has no legal interest in a case or its outcome, and, consequently suffers no legal injury.”In other words, it is the role of a judge to dispense due process, not receive it. A judge serves as a disinterested adjudicator, not a self-interested party.