The @nytimes didn’t like Pres Trump patriotic Mt Rushmore Speech especially when he stood up against mob rule
The American people understood how Pres Trump was highlighting the American can do spirit. They know that the left divided the country before he was even sworn into office. They’ve seen the people burning down cities, looting businesses, attacking innocent people and lighting a historical church on fire. They know it’s not really about statues as much as it is tearing down the Republic and replacing it with a Marxist ideology.The NY Times knows that the Democrats and their media cohorts have been silent on the mayhem & lawlessness; they called rioters,protesters and failed to mention that the right to assemble means the right to peaceful assembly.I watched a reporter talk about the peaceful protests as a building was burning to the ground behind him.We’re not blind.
Yes,the country was already divided by the left before Trump even took the oath of office.They raised the fist and said resist.They called us deplorables and smelly walmart people. They refused to attend his inauguration. When the economy started taking off they decided they had to impeach him. They lied to the American people for 3 yrs about Russian collusion. Now they have the nerve to say Trump is divisive? That takes some chutzpah.
All Pres Trump said at Mt Rushmore was that the lawlessness would not be tolerated and would come to an end. All Pres Trump said was our founders were flawed but their virtues gave rise to our independent great country;the very reason we celebrate July 4.He highlighted the names of many great Americans among them Frederick Douglas,Harriet Tubman,Jackie Robinson,the Wright Brothers & Ella Fitzgerald.
It wasn’t dark.It was uplifting. All true blue Americans felt that way.The people that hate our Republic ie the socialist left including the Democrat party and media would have thought it was dark and divisive.Ironically they’re the ones that WANT us divided by race,gender and class.Donald J. Trump is having none of that. He knows a rising tide lifts all boats.He spoke about the opportunities our country has to offer and the great future that always lays ahead.He always mentions the abilities of the American people. We love him and we know he loves us.He sent out a bright ray of hope to all who love this great country.The message was the mob can try to tear it down. The American people will never have any of it and neither will he.
The New York Times is dank.