Mentally Ill Culture;the plague of 2020

You watched the Pres incredible speech at Mt Rushmore. Know you did. I watched it too. The Governor of South Dakota,Kristi Lynn Noem,was also fantastic. She deserves a mention. Hope you caught her speech too.
A number of themes jumped out from Trump’s speech. I am not going to analyze the whole speech;in short he was throwing down the gauntlet,highlighting that he stood on the side of ALL patriotic Americans.
I am going to highlight one sentence of the speech that stood out for me.He mentioned the mob noting that some had no idea what they were doing & others knew EXACTLY what they were doing. I want to focus on the useful idiots;the ones who have no idea what they are doing.
We are witnessing a mentally ill culture where bizarre and dangerous behaviors are considered normal.
Back in the 60’s there was a movement to discontinue the institutions that handled the mentally ill. The impetus for this movement was the idea that institutionalizing the ill was an infringement of their liberty. The pendulum,as usual,swung too far to the other side freeing people who were particularly ill. I will admit at one time there were people who were placed in these institutions with little basis for the necessity. Unfortunately we threw the baby out with the bath water. We have a habit of doing that.
The movies and media glorified behaviors we would normally reject and made them part of our mainstream culture.
What were witnessing now is a population living on the streets-homeless and addicted.
We’re witnessing people who are promoted as activists but when speaking on camera babble without reason, unhinged from objective reality. These people went over the edge at the election of Donald Trump.The media calls them protesters when we can see with our own eyes they are a sick violent mob.

Some are just plain ignorant. I don’t know why they don’t leave if they think it’s that terrible.
Cuomo/DiBlasio’s NY

Here’s the deal: It’s not compassionate to allow people who cannot take care of themselves to roam the streets. It’s not compassionate to let ppl kill themselves with drugs & look the other way. You don’t have to judge these people but it’s no help to them enabling their behavior either.

It’s not for the good of our children or grandchildren to be indoctrinated by the schools,the media and culture with THEIR values,not ours.
Tolerance does not mean i have to put up with weird,vile and perverse behaviors.
It’s one thing to have eccentric behavior. It’s quite another to have behavior that is destructive to the individual,the community and ultimately the country.
There’s more where this came from. As i collect these videos I will continue to post them. We at least have to get the conversation going & stop neglecting the problem.
The people in the videos screaming,twerking and acting like banshees-they’re the useful idiots. They’re the ones Trump is referring to as people who have no idea what’s going on. We know this was never about George Floyd.