COVID19 as of 7/2.Land of Confusion?

I was talking to my husband’s health aide today and she brought up the Chinese virus. What bothered her was the CONFUSION surrounding it. She said she wasn’t sure what to believe.I just had to write about this,doubting she’s the ONLY one who feels that way. I will post the KNOWN facts;anything considered IMHO will be posted in red. You can take it,leave it,dispute it. Glad to take YOUR comments.
As per the virus or COVID19 or the pandemic,whatever you usually call it:
1. They don’t know,what they don’t know.
2. it’s highly contagious.
You might find that strange unless you know someone who has contracted it.Many of us don’t know a single soul that has caught it. There are people who have a friend,family member who has-or  have caught it themselves-and they have a totally different pov.
3 the reason they wanted to flatten the curve was not to stop the virus.Impossible.It was to keep it from spreading enough to overwhelm the health care system.
4. People with underlying health conditions are the most vulnerable.Chances are they won’t survive. How many people do you personally know that have underlying serious conditions such as high blood pressure,heart disease, obesity,diabetes,persons with a weak immune system. God knows how many people have heart disease and don’t even know it.
5. you can have the virus and be asymptomatic. i think that’s the greatest concern. An asymptomatic person could unwittingly give it to a high risk person-or cause enough spread that sooner or later a high risk person is going to catch it.
5 From what i understand if you’re not keeping a 6 ft distance,a mask helps stop the spread from YOU to another person, if you’re asymptomatic,then you’re basically a carrier.It does NOT protect the wearer.If you have symptoms or tested positive you’re supposed to be under quarantine anyway. A mask protects people you are in contact  with.If you think wearing a mask protects you,you are mistaken. You’re doing it to stop the spread;not protect yourself.
6. Every doctor that talks about the virus at all mentions one thing more than anything else;wash hands for 20 seconds with warm water and soap as the best’s a good practice virus or not.+ I personally recommend buying one of those little $30.00 oximeters.You know,the thing the doctor’s office puts on your finger to check your Oxygen levels. Ours has an oxygen and pulse read out . The good ones cost around 30.00. We didn’t get one because of Covid. My husband has a lot of health problems, where keeping an eye on his levels every day is important .It only takes seconds to check it.The Covid Virus affects breathing so you can see where checking your O2 level is not a bad idea.  Not everyone gets a fever with Covid.If your oxygen levels are dropping you have a problem and it may or may not be Covid but you definitely have something going on.
7. When word of the virus finally got out the story was about some bat in a WUHAN ‘wet market’. I’m not sure they ever REALLY reached a conclusion [as to] what got the virus started but i can tell you i never bought the bat story from the get.I’m convinced it was deliberately created in the lab.
8. the virus is not Trump’s fault. The virus or at least it’s spread is the fault of the CCP government of China.PERIOD.If they didn’t do it deliberately they had an obligation to put a stop to it in their own country and make a public announcement. I may stand corrected but isn’t this the 3rd virus that has been exported from China? They’re not only sending us their junk[shabby products]they’re sending their diseases.Yes,there are ‘wet markets’ in China; i’m just not convinced the Coronavirus started there.
9. Trump made the best decisions he could based on what we knew at any given time.Show me otherwise(prove it).

Look how he ramped up production of ventilators and other urgently needed medical equipment. When Gov Coumo of NY called Pres Trump for help he got the naval ships & ventilators.Whatever he told Pres Trump he needed,he got.Same with Gov Newsome of California.We’ve ended up with a surplus. The next time the equipment is needed we will be ready .That in itself was quite an achievement considering we hardly had any stock at all. It was depleted.
Obama/Biden had 8 yrs. Actually Biden had longer than that since he spent years in DC as a Senator before he was even picked for VP. Trump had 3. As they say,let that sink in.The China travel ban had to save lives.Everyone attacked the Pres for it. In fact the Democrats were still trying to impeach Trump when the virus hit us.
Finally,if a store policy is you have to wear a mask then wear a mask.When you leave the store take it off.If you really object, go to a store that doesn’t have a mask policy.Seriously, we have bigger fish to fry. The mask policy is not going to be indefinite. We need to support our local businesses as they open up. I think those few facts are the only facts we really know with much certainty. There’s no reason for getting  into the weeds at this  time. I personally believe the best approach is, keep it simple.We can save the don’t know what we don’t know for another day.

We have another disease in America. It’s known as making mental illness normal.We have a lot of sick untreated people and the culture hasn’t helped any.Yep,the blog is going to bring it up again and soon.