What’s REALLY wrong with ‘Merica-and it ‘aint’ us folks

1.the media lies. PERIOD .End of story. Turn off the news.Fortunately there’s open source news like BCP*,Dan Bongino,Mark Levin,Rush Limbaugh and others [of your choice].You can get the skinny without listening to the liars.
Some of the best news sources are listed right here. The Epoch Times,Conservative Tree House,Wayne Dupree,Ace News Services.
The media is not going to tell you the truth. Not their job.Their job is to support the Democrat party and destroy Trump. Ignore them even if they SOUND like they could be telling the truth. Not a chance.Wait till they find out you’re not falling for it .We have to get to that point soon!Marxism is attractive? I rest my case.
2. Grown people are having temper tantrums. Trump must step down or else.Tell them, go hold your breathe and hope mommy brings your bottle.
These ppl never grew up. They’re still into magical thinking.If you don’t know what that is,look it up.
3. Stupid is winning-for the moment.
Can we do something about our education system in the near future and turn out some people who can think?
4. Biden’s in the basement. He has dementia. FACT. i can prove it. Don’t tempt me.
Stand up for yourself. Their tool is intimidation. Don’t let them. Arm yourself with the truth and literally arm yourself. Self defense. It’s your right. They can rant against it all they want;you are protected by the 2nd amendment. Pick your battles carefully.Let’s not sweat the little things. IF a store has a policy that people wear a mask. WTH.Wear a mask.The store has a right to enforce their own policy. Don’t like the policy? Go to another store.If a mob of people are threatening you,your neighborhood or family it’s a no brainer.

What’s right about America is that we are a work in progress.Always have been. The American people love their country and support their President.We respect the peaceful transfer of power and we did not appreciate one little bit the corruption of the Obama/Biden/Clinton machine trying to destroy it.NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW? Darned right.The problem is the people on the other side think that’s true of everyone but the corrupt Democrats.You know as well as i do we are watching a coup in progress.
Pres Trump has his hands full. I could never have imagined his presidency being one of such enormous consequence. I’m sure he has that feeling himself from time to time but he never quits and neither do we.

The Great One(Levin)talks about our Constitutional Republic .OMW. Just listened. Don’t miss this one! Fits right in with my topic.


BCP* Black Conservative Patriot. You can find his you tube videos scattered throughout the blog.


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