this tweet by the President was pulled by Twitter.Amazing,especially given some of the crap even threats of violence against the President,[from the other side] that are acceptable. Something is afoot on Twitter. Liberal garbage trends on a regular basis. Conservative trends not so much.If you attack the President it trends. If you support him it doesn’t. Some of those trends are so stupid and BORING you wonder how they can trend. Every other week they try the resign hashtag .Never works. Pres Trump is never going to resign.You can take that to the bank and cash the check.
Look at this tweet against Diamond and Silk.It’s just one
example of what the left gets away with on twitter.ONE. I could post many more.IF you’re a conservative on Twitter and support President Trump you know exactly what i’m talking about. You’ve seen them too.
Carpe Donktum had his account suspended. If you find ANY material censored by Twitter send it to me and I’ll make sure it is posted here where the feed is automatically sent to twitter.We will make sure Twitter does not suppress CONSERVATIVE free speech;especially content that supports our President.
Meantime,let’s join where free speech is still protected.