LAW AND ORDER NOW! @POTUS @FBI @realDonaldTrump @ted_cruz the GOP better get a pair
When they tell you what they are going to do and you’ve seen what they’ve done so far you need to believe them.

Let’s not beat around the bush. Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization. Antifa is fascist.


They share a common goal. Of course,they will eventually eat each other alive but for now they serve each others purposes.
Pres Trump cannot confront these domestic terrorists alone but so far-outside of his supporters-he’s been out there on his own.
The Democrats support these Marxist groups;including the violence and mayhem.


They have one goal only. Remove a duly elected Pres from office by any means necessary and that includes silence re the anarchy in the streets.


The media is part of this cabal so don’t expect any journalism from them. They’re supporting the Marxists. It’s that simple. It’s that obvious.
What should have been obvious during the Obama administration was Obama’s animus towards police;from the time he made the 1st comment how the Cambridge police acted stupidly to his observation that Trayvon Martin could have been his son.


He made that comment for a reason and it wasn’t to identify with Trayvon as much as it was to denigrate the police.


Obama is a radical in bed with George Soros,BLM,Antifa and the Deep State.


He’s running a shadow government. Show me he’s not.
Black Lives Matter wasn’t chanting “pigs(police)in a blanket,fry em like bacon” and “what do we want? Dead cops,when do we want them,NOW” for nothing.


I have no recollection of Pres Obama calling out BLM for the
incendiary chants.
We have a failure here. A failure to address a larger problem for fear of being called racist. Not my fear. I don’t care what you call me.In the end we only answer to God.PERIOD.
I happen to believe that MOST Americans support law enforcement and our military.I happen to believe MOST Americans are law abiding tolerant people.


I happen to believe MOST Americans love our country and want our Presidents to succeed.


I happen to believe that MOST Americans have a live and let live attitude and are willing to get along with other Americans of any race.
The media doesn’t have the time of day for MOST Americans and are exactly what Pres Trump says they are,an enemy of the people.
I also happen to believe there’s more of us than them and instead of cowering we better stand up.
This goes for the Republican party who would just as soon Pres Trump fight the powers that be on his own.


Pres Trump cannot do this alone. He’s up against a very powerful & worse ENTRENCHED deep state,their partner in the media and their candidates in the Democrat Party.


In case nobody noticed not ONE person from the Democrat party in Congress said a peep when our cities were burning down and the lawless were going crazy.


The reason is simple. They’re ok with anything that could take down Trump and the country with him.
Trump is the only one standing between us and them. He’s doing the best he can, basically on his own.Do i think he could do more? In some instances yes,in others his hands are tied.


They have the nerve to call him a dictator.
We got hit with the pandemic but that wasn’t half as sinister as the Marxist insurgency that followed.

The George Floyd murder was the catalyst but it could have been anyone/anything that suited their purpose.

Floyd’s death gave them the excuse they were waiting for.Anyone who believes antifa and blm are rioting for the benefit of George Floyd aren’t paying much attention.
I wouldn’t doubt these radical groups want a race war. Newsflash;we’re not going to give it to them. We are probably going to end up being armed in the end and we’ll have to take the fight not to a race at all;rather the Marxists in our midst.

They’re bold and they’re out there.

They’re right in front of us in the Dem party. Biden will be their puppet.He has dementia and isn’t capable of being President.

I stand by what i think here. It’s not some conspiracy theory when you’re watching it happen in real time.

We have to push back.

WE have to let them know we mean business. Pres Trump can only do so much and he has to weigh out the consequences for the WHOLE country.

You have to know that  someone from the Deep State-MEDIA included- is going to get in his way no matter what he tries to do.


Take it in.Understand what you’re seeing. Conclusion:Antifa MUST be destroyed. Trump MUST win re-election.
They ARE fascists.Take the pledge. We don’t compromise with this.
Here’s how you respond.