You think they (Democrats)would fear a Biden win

Biden supporters are far more likely to say fear that Trump might win is behind their vote choice (63 percent) than to say it is enthusiasm for Biden (31 percent). The opposite is true among those backing Trump, as almost twice as many of his supporters say enthusiasm is the motivation (62 percent) rather than fear Biden could win (33 percent).

We better fear a Biden win.
Can you imagine? We’ve had a good look at what a Democrat presidency would look like. Of course,it goes without saying these anti Trumpers know exactly what they are doing.
It’s why the Democrats,Antifa,BLM and the media are all one organization with the same goal.
It’s Saul Alinsky’s RULE 8: “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.”

Keep trying new things to keep the opposition off balance. As the opposition masters one approach, hit them from the flank with something new. (Attack, attack, attack from all sides, never giving the reeling organization a chance to rest, regroup, recover and re-strategize.)

If you have the perception of being overwhelmed then they are succeeding. They are overloading the system with crisis after crisis. Look closely though.Are these crises Trump’s fault?
Note exactly where the chaos is located and who’s in charge.
Remember she called it a street festival and a 2020 “summer of love.”

The Mayor wants the public to believe this is a benign group planting gardens,having summer festivities and forming a viable community without a police presence. You know,peace,love and harmony. The pictures on the ground in chaz/chop tell a different story.
it all began in Minneapolis,leading the way for other DEMOCRAT controlled cities


This is exactly why you should fear Biden if you are a Democrat and more so if you’re a Trump supporter.
They let criminals burn down the cities, take down the statues,remove paintings,censor books,speech and movies. .Remember it was the Democrats who kept saying ‘nobody is above the law’ when they really meant nobody is above
what THEY say goes.
Biden will always bend to mob rule. He’s barely cognizant.They (the left)accused Trump of being a coward because the Secret Service took him to the bunker knowing that his life was endangered.We only have 1 President and it’s the Secret Service’s duty to protect that one person. It wasn’t about Trump. It was about protecting ANY President.The consequences of having a duly elected President of the United States killed or removed by a mob are enormous. No small matter people. Meanwhile Biden’s staff barely lets him go out in public for fear it will become even more evident that he has signs of dementia. Can you imagine a party willing to keep the truth hidden from the American people &let someone like that become President?
You don’t suppose these are 

signs they intend to impose a socialist agenda and are willing to do anything?

If you fear Trump and not Biden you clearly have no idea what’s going on in your own country;electing Biden because the Dems are destroying the country is seriously insane.
Maybe some ppl are thinking if they get Trump out of office and put Biden in then the mob will be placated and the country will move in a different direction. The truth: the mob will never be satisfied. Besides,who in their right mind gives up the right to support the person they voted for because the other side was having a 4 yr temper tantrum?Not me,not happening. I’m voting Trump come hell or high
water.I don’t know who’s worse either. The Socialist Democrats,their supporting mob-media included- or the Never Trumpers who would sell out their own country for a quick buck.

IF they can overwhelm the system,encourage crisis upon crisis knowing that the President has limited authority(a good thing)then they think they can count on you to turn on the President.

Stay put. See through it. Know that Pres Trump will weigh the options and do what he can do without causing more problems than we’re curing. It’s difficult.