Are we disgusted enough yet?

Any sympathy i had for the family of George Floyd has gone out the window.When i see what is happening to our country i can’t help but feel disgusted. I’ve even asked the question; is someone TRYING to ignite a race war?

Yes,he was murdered. Yes,there needs to be justice.
Yes,his killing was brutal and absolutely unnecessary.He was handcuffed. He was under control. The situation was over.
However,Mr Floyd is not a hero.Yes,he was innocent. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time and met up with a bad cop that should not have been on the police force.

He should never have died at the hands of a bad cop.There might be more to it than meets the eye.This cop may have had a personal conflict with Floyd[speculation] but Floyd is not a martyr either. He did not die voluntarily for a just cause.

There are a lot of good cops who get killed in the line of duty too.You bring this cop to justice. You don’t destroy a whole city or COUNTRY using Floyd’s death as an excuse.

You don’t burn(arson),loot,vandalize or attack other people and expect innocent people to look away because George Floyd was killed by a bad cop.
You do know why cops have limited immunity? It’s because there are situations where an officer has to make a split second decision about the danger a suspect poses either to himself or others.
An officer can’t always use his best judgement if he has seconds;he can only use his better judgement and hope to God it’s the right decision.

Is there room for improvement in police practices? Definitely.We want to prevent a Floyd incident from ever happening again. We can question how a police force deals with the criminal elements they face & serve the communities they work in.

We don’t want the criminal elements in our police departments.

The bottom line is there are evil people in the world.Sorry,but this aint heaven and men aren’t angels. We live in an imperfect world.Reality check:we’re blessed to live in a republic that strives to live up to its ideals,not a utopia that is never going to happen.

It’s the officer’s job to protect the innocent and maintain order for the law abiding.It’s not their job
to solve the problems of society.
They carry a weapon for a reason.

They’re not paid to be social workers.

When they get your 911 call because someone is being robbed,raped or assaulted they don’t take an hour to ponder why poor Johnny Criminal may have had a tough life & just can’t help himself.
The courts,judges and lawyers can consider mitigating factors;even the most vile and evil people are considered innocent until proven guilty.The job of the LEO is to stop evil in its tracks,PERIOD.

Why don’t we ever talk about the animus former Pres Obama had for Law Enforcement? He put a target on their backs from day one.Did that help our country? Did it improve the work of our police departments or make their job  more difficult?

sound familiar? How the Brown Shirts Operated.