Pres Trump is a racist,uncaring,cheating,stupid,dictator. So you say.

Donald Trump is a dictator.
Pres Trump isn’t the one censoring movies and books, expecting ppl to take a knee,bow before him and submit to his demands.Pres Trump isn’t the one calling for our history to be erased.He’s asking for your vote. Pres Trump isn’t the one having MAGA painted down Pennsylvania Avenue.Who was the one who set up their political opponent’s surrogates for process crimes so  he could send them to prison? Who has the media putting out his propaganda for him? It wasn’t candidate Trump and it certainly isn’t Pres Trump. The cable news is the media arm of the Democrat party. It’s their job to attack him.Antifa and BLM are their  foot soldiers using brutal intimidation and terrorism.
Pres Trump doesn’t care about people dying from Covid.
Trump isn’t the one who forced Covid infected senior citizens into nursing homes spreading the virus among vulnerable people killing them.Who was the one who banned travel from China when the virus first broke and was called a racist for doing so? Trump-he wanted to protect the American people.

President Trump is racist.
Who is pandering to the black voter just to get their vote? It isn’t Trump.Who worked for the black communities before he even considered running for Pres? That was Trump.Biden was in Washington for 40 plus years. What did he ever do for the black community?Who told blacks they weren’t black if they didn’t vote for him? It wasn’t Trump.Who’s the racist here?
Pres Trump is going to cheat in the election.
Who was the one who used all the intel agencies to spy on their political opponent? Who was the one who paid for Russian dirt(misinformation)for a fake dossier?Who was the one who LIED to the FISA court? Who was the one who had their debate questions fed to them cheating the other candidate? Someone from their own party no less.It wasn’t Trump.

Pres Trump is stupid/incompetent/crazy

Pres Trump spent his whole life in the business community.

He’s the  one who came back from bankruptcy and continued being successful.

Trump was the one who graduated from the Wharton School of Business. Biden can’t put together a coherent sentence so his staff is hiding him out in a basement.

Pres Trump is a coward(he went from being a coward to dictator in one day)because the Secret Service demanded he move in the bunker to protect the 1 Pres we have(their job); but again Biden’s staff is keeping him hidden so he doesn’t say anything off the wall unintelligible.They’re too afraid to have him out in the public for very long.Maybe he’ll bring up his hairy legs that the kids like to see or call his own wife,his sister. He might even forget where he’s at or the office he’s running for. God forbid,Crazy Joe might brag about a quid pro quo with China in public again.

Sorry,but Joe Biden is suffering from dementia.He should not be running for office at all.I’m not making fun of him.This is a serious matter both for his own well being and the sake of our country.I can’t  believe his own family wouldn’t have a good talk with him & do the right thing. You don’t have to be a doctor for this one. It’s too obvious that something is wrong.My question is,how could anyone vote for him knowing this? You really have no business saying the derogatory things you say about Pres Trump.