Evidently someone didn’t like Tucker Carlson’s recent monologues of truth and facts;even when done with humor and aplomb. They think we live in a fascist country where THEY get to dictate what someone can and can’t say on cable news.Not here pal. Move along.

It seems like whenever they go on one of their little toots some asinine hashtag starts to trend. You’ve seen them before. They show up on a regular basis and have since Pres Trump was elected. How many times have we seen 

#impeachtrump #resigntrump😴 💤💤💤

which have been interchanged with the names of other officials of the Trump administration(appointed and otherwise)such as

#impeachkavanaugh #resignkavanaugh or Barr or Nunes or some  other Trump supporter.

We’re not going to let anyone bully Tucker off any cable news network.He stays.YOU can go. Nobody forced you to watch.

A final word, hashtag#CHAZBOT