#TheirLivesMatterToo by Terence K. Williams


Question for #BlackLivesMatter and #Antifa

let’s suppose for an instant your little insurrection
is successful and the President of the United States-Donald J. Trump-is removed from office.

Let’s not pretend here.These riots are not about George Floyd,police brutality or fascism;they’re really about removing a duly elected President and toppling our government.

You dream but let’s follow that dream to the conclusion you want.Now the United States is brought to its knees just like Venezuela.
You know as well as I do that someone has to fill the void once the President is removed.

Of course you will expect that it be somebody you demand fills the void.How is that going to work? By election? Forget it. You just threw that out the window. By succession? Trump/Pence leave and it follows the chain to the Speaker of the House?
A free for all and who makes the loudest demand
wins the day?

You do know the election is scheduled for November,right? Who cares at this point. Elections don’t count anymore.If you don’t like who’s voted in you remove them by insurrection.Why even bother?

Whoever is put there is going to make policy by proxy because it is most likely going to be your master George Soros [and his cohorts] who will be
deciding not only who the President will be but the policies he/she will enact.

You don’t get it. You’re just useful idiots for people who want power and once they get it two things will ultimately happen:

1. They will have to control you. You see,they can’t have you decide to remove them either now or in the future.
2. When your family/your community is in dire straits
needing protection and security who are you going to have to turn to? You will have removed every institution that guaranteed YOUR constitutional rights and these people won’t care.

They let you burn down your own cities.They let you run wild without regard for property or the rights of others. You got your moment of lawlessness(anarchy). They let you destroy a voluntary police force that protected society;we can debate how well or how poorly they did that but that’s what they were there for.

So what’s left if the police are destroyed and order has to be maintained? Who is under the chain of command of the President? That’s right;our military.
Let that sink in.

Do you honestly believe they are now going to protect your Constitutional rights after they let you trash the Constitution of the United States?

Do you know the words innocent until proven guilty even apply to people we loathe?They even apply to people we are absolutely convinced are guilty.

You know why we apply those words even to the most despicable people and tolerate it? It’s so those same words can apply to all of us,even when someone thinks we’re despicable or are convinced we’re guilty.

We don’t do mob rule anymore and we’re entitled to a jury of our peers;not a jury of people we know would just as soon hang us.

Have you actually thought through the consequences of having your little dream fulfilled? What if this 4 yr temper tantrum gets the result it wants? Then what?
I hate to say this but I’d be grateful that people stood up for our 2nd amendment and kept their weapons. They may be the very people you would have to count on after the useful idiots have served their purpose for their masters behind the curtain.

Unfortunately you are the useful idiots.The people behind the curtain (Soros for one)that bankrolled your insurrection are going to expect payback.

Remember you have dismantled the institutions that would have protected YOU from tyranny.
IF your little dream were to ever come true you are going to wish that Donald Trump were still President.
Whatever else you could say about him,the truth is he actually loves this country and wants a good life for ALL Americans.

I guarantee that anyone who could stand by and allow our country to descend into this chaos and destruction without saying a word or lifting a finger definitely do not.

Right there is proof.

We can talk about problems in various police departments any day.I understand there are people with genuine concerns but i also get what’s going on here.Not fooled for a second.

In case you’re wondering; shouting ‘take a knee’ at me is NOT going to work. I don’t bend to mob rule.

Never have,even when i was a [stupid] liberal.

There’s only one i will take a knee for.
It certainly isn’t this guy!

And this is our President


And our flag.The one that generations-black and white-died for because of what it represented to them.They were the REAL anti fascists.Their lives mattered for the freedoms we enjoy & the republic we’re blessed with.

Antifa would never have stood up to Hitler in the day.

Our fathers did.

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