Past History:the voting record

I’m writing this one to give you an idea of where my politics of the recent past have been.

I voted for Gov Mike Huckabee over Sen John McCain because i concluded Gov Huckabee would make a better President than McCain. Still believe that.

I voted for Herman Cain because i was convinced he’d have made a far better President than all the candidates running especially Mitt Romney. I’m more convinced than ever Mr Cain was the right choice.

I did not vote for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton believing that those were the 2 worst people that could be elected President. i am more convinced than ever that was true.

I voted for Donald Trump because i was convinced he was the best choice for President even though the establishment GOP tried to shove Jeb Bush on us just like they shoved John McCain and Mitt Romney on us. Note that the first 2 people couldn’t beat the Democrat candidate. So much for the GOP establishment and their picks. 

I am voting for Donald Trump again in 2020 because i am more convinced than ever that he is a great President. I am more convinced than ever the Democrat party has been socialist for years-even Joe Biden- and that the media,Antifa and other radical groups are an arm of the Democrat party. The media is their propaganda tool;Antifa is their militant army along with any other militant activists out there.Thus the SILENCE and COMPLICIT ACTIONS of Democrat leaders during the riots,looting and chaos.

Turn off the cable news networks. They are lying to you.

The Democrat leaders in the liberal cities are letting your cities burn to the ground.  I would advise you to leave but beg you, do not come to our red states and bring your trash ideas with you. 

Pres Trump is allowed to hold up a bible in front of any location he chooses.

If you’re offended by that or want to call it a photo op, too bad. He’s allowed to do it anyway. If that angers you,that’s YOUR  problem.

I also believe there are more good ppl that are sitting at home with their families-black and white,Asian and Hispanic- outraged by what they’re seeing their country become than there are people out in the streets for whatever reason.They just don’t protest or march.  They don’t riot,loot or burn. They wouldn’t even consider it.You won’t see these ppl in the news.I believe they are called the Silent Majority and are comprised of people of all races. I highly doubt they’re on Twitter or ever responded to a poll.

They’re just regular folks who know what’s right and wrong.They are people who are willing to protect their homes,neighbors and community. They don’t have a racist bone in their body. They’re content with getting along if you are.They go to church on Sunday and they believe in the golden rule. They teach their kids to respect others and be grateful they are living in such a great country.They feel for the family of George Floyd and are horrified by what those officers did to him,but they’re home quietly praying for his family and the country. They probably even pray for the President and his family.