Democrat Leaders Sat Back & Watched #WakeUp

Notice how it’s all going down in LIBERAL cities. Why-because it’s where they can get away with riots,looting,chaos and anarchy. It started in Portland,Oregon-> 2017<- . They’ve been plotting,planning,waiting.Portland was just a test drive.
Wake Up!

#BLM. Help them clean up and take up funds as restitution for the damage,business lost
Cuomo is a day late. President Trump was already on it.

The governor must have missed the Rose Garden speech.

“PROTESTERS” (they love our country don’t they)?

How about Antifa? Young white kids outside the areas going into black or liberal communities destroying property, attacking people,creating chaos? Is this ok?

Dan Bongino spells it out perfectly. 

#Antifa been jumping up & down about them in the blog since 2017 @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @FBI (plenty of info here)

The 2020 riots are not the first riots Antifa were involved in.  Jack Posobiec and Ginger McQueen  had the skinny on the terrorist group around the same time-2017- i was trying to warn the public. They both did the most fantastic investigations of this group;  definitely spelled out trouble. Ex Antifa members were sounding the alarm too.

IF the FBI or DHS need any information re Antifa, Posobiec and McQueen are 2 people they should definitely talk to. They know their ‘stuff’.

Here are just a few of the related articles i posted here beginning in 2017 re Antifa and George Soros*.

The violent radicals have infected our colleges and universities. It’s in our face obvious. They infiltrated our body politic too. Let’s be honest. They had a friend in Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Remember the violent attacks on  law enforcement even when our officers were in the right. Violence against police rampaged for at least a year or more.Did we forget that innocent [not rogue bad cops] officers were ambushed and assassinated while they were sitting in their vehicles? What steps did Obama take to help the situation? Anyone?


Between academia,culture,government(Senators,Representatives,Governors,Mayors,Candidates) and even law enforcement we have either direct or indirect moral and financial support of Antifa.

Notice we haven’t heard a peep from Speaker Pelosi,Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff,Maxine Waters and other loud mouths lately?  Most of the time you can’t shut them up. Silence.We can definitely surmise why. They support Antifa. PERIOD. End of story. They’re financed by Soros. PERIOD. End of that story. i don’t have any doubt in my mind.

Note that  The Conservative Treehouse (sundance)put up this excellent entry re the Berkeley Police Dept. POSSIBLE[emphasis mine because i believe it was active] involvement with Antifa back in 2017 too. 

Stunning Research Videos – Was Berkeley Police Department Supporting Antifa Violence?….

This is a well presented and easy to understand video which appears to make

a solid case that police munitions were fired by the Berkeley Police Department against Trump supporters, and in support of AntiFA thugs, last weekend.

*you can’t have one without the other 




(268) Ep. 1263 This Isn’t a Protest Anymore, This is an Insurrection – The Dan Bongino Show® – YouTube A MUST LISTEN. SHARE WITH EVERYONE,PLS. @POTUS @realDonaldTrump 

My Great President

A couple years ago i did a blog entry on Antifa(when the blog first opened). I will see if i can find it and do a repost. It had a lot of nuts and bolts information re Antifa.People have to understand this organization and take it seriously.