The Anti Semitic Left #LARiots

we are NOT the people in the news

We are not the white police officer murdering George Floyd.
We are not the 3 officers standing around letting him kill George Floyd.
We are not the young black man beating the crap out of an elderly white man in a nursing home.
We are not the white police officer stopping Senator Tim Scott,a perfectly harmless person driving his car,probably to work.
We are not the young black man with nothing but time on his hands yelling kill white people,fuck the police.
We are not the KKK.
We are not BLM/Antifa.
We are not the gangs roaming the streets of Chicago looking for other gang members to shoot.
We are not in the news because we abide by every rule-stupid and otherwise-that restricts our lives in doing even the productive things of life.
We are not in the news because we believe in live and let live regardless of race.
We are not in the news because no matter what happens we know that our rights end with the other persons nose.
You can be sure we aren’t the ones burning down your cities and looting your stores.
We don’t say much. We vote and most of us voted Trump.
We’re not racists,fascists or radicals.The people in the news told you were were. The media told you we were. They figured you would believe them because you wanted to.
Most of us go to church on Sundays,we pray for our country & our neighbors and we enjoy the simple things of life in our free time.
We are black and white,Asian and Hispanic. We don’t raise hell when things don’t go our way, feeling we’re entitled to, so we aren’t going to make the news.
We don’t see ourselves as victims no matter how unfair life can be at times so it’s highly unlikely we see you as one either.We’re just grateful for all the good things in life we’ve been blessed with,such as living in one of the greatest nations on earth.
We don’t always like the Presidents the people elect but we go on with our lives and appreciate that we have a peaceful transfer of power no matter who’s in office.I can tell you we didn’t have a 4 yr temper tantrum because we didn’t get our own way.
We’re at home now heartbroken over what the people who are in the news-media included-have done to our country;and you have the audacity to blame us.
Yes,we were outraged that George Floyd was murdered but that’s all been lost in the message we’ve seen.YOUR message,not ours.


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β™¦πŸ’€ #𝔸𝓷ŀιFᗩ ΰΆπŸ‘ŒDESIGNATED A π•Ώπ–Šπ–—π–—π–”π–—π–Žπ–˜π–™ π•Ίπ–—π–Œπ–†π–“π–Žπ–Ÿπ–†π–™π–Žπ–”π–“ . YES!!!!😊