OK IRS,what happened to those EIP’s?

I get this was a monumental task but I also get the feeling had it been to collect taxes there’d be far fewer bumps along the way. In fact,by now,every dime would have been collected.

That said,let’s consider how this could have been done.

Your first group. FILERS. Ez. You have the information from income tax returns. 

Then you decided,after some pressure,to release the EIP to Social Security Recipients and Vets who did not file taxes w/o having to fill out a form-they wouldn’t have to do a thing. Or at least that’s what we were told.

You put up the GET MY PAYMENT tool  & worked out most of the glitches; but some of us are still getting little to no information from the tool. You tell us to visit your FAQ. There’s only 1 FAQ that matters. Where is my check?

You can’t reach a live agent or so you said. There’s no one to contact if there is a problem. All due to Covid 19 you said. I say because you didn’t want to be flooded with calls. Sorry,but you can’t transmit a virus over the phone.

So here’s my solution. A simple one. Why not put up a form for non filers who are Social Security recipients and the Veterans? You know,the people who now have no idea when-and in some cases HOW or IF-they are going to get the EIP.  In fact,i would say our veterans should have been among the FIRST to get the EIP. 

On this form ask for name,address,social security no, a range for the AIG ie groups of so many thousands 10k-12,12-15k  etc that people can check mark, DOB and Bank Account info if they have direct deposit.

A simple form like this would separate the non filers from the filers and give you the information you now have to obtain from Social Security. Evidently you can’t find it or they can’t find it. Someone is overwhelmed with the job.

You see, i get retirement benefits from Social Security and it’s direct deposit. I have no dependents meaning i am not  eligible for the extra 500.00 but i owe no child support so I was eligible for the 1,200. I rec’d my EIP on Apr 29th. 

My husband? Nope. NOTHING,NADA, ZIP. He has the same last name, same address,even the same bank but a separate account. His income is SSI.He has no dependents and owes no child support. He uses direct deposit and always has[same as me].Now how is that i rec’d my EIP and his is somewhere out in timbuktu?

He’s not alone. I’ve read tons of messages from ppl at you tube and reddit who are in the same boat. It’s hit and miss. Some ppl got their EIP;most of the people did not and they’re a little on the angry side. You can’t blame them. There’s no way to get information.

Now the Social Security website did put out a chart. The chart said the EIP for these ppl would be direct deposited and paid to express card on May 13. You would be mailing out the checks for those that get Social Security via mail on May 15.

A few ppl said they got the direct deposit between the 13th and 15th. MOST did not. Why put that out there if it can’t be accomplished? WORD: TELL PEOPLE THE TRUTH then try find a way to get this done. 

People mostly want to know what’s going on here and if there’s a problem they’re willing to be patient as long as 1. you’re honest 2. you give them some viable information. It’s not a good idea to leave ppl in the dark when they’re counting on you. They have a real problem with that. I have a real problem with that.

There’s nothing worse than people telling you will do something and not follow through. It’s when  people on the receiving end get impatient.It’s something i’ve always tried to impress on my husband.

If you don’t want to do something, if it’s going to be difficult for you to do something,if you CAN’T do something for another person then SAY SO. Don’t give people a line. You’re not doing them any favors. Your yes should mean yes and your no should mean no. You’re only as good as your word.

Let me impress this on you:go back to the drawing board and come up with a plan.

I’ve heard of something called Trump Time & i know exactly what it is.I can tell you,IRS, this ‘aint’ it.