“Children, be obedient to your parents in all things…”

via “Children, be obedient to your parents in all things…”

Was this a trip down memory lane! Of course,being brought up in the USA there were some cultural differences but we definitely had a lot in common. An interesting read for anyone who wants to remember ‘back when’ or to satisfy the curiosity of anyone who wonders what it was like back then.
Those little boxes of cereal were a real treat.You only had so many brand names to choose from anyway and there was no such thing as generic yet.The choices at the grocery store were like the choices of television programming you could watch. A handful. The national news? It boiled down to Walter Conkrite and David Brinkley. At midnight it all went off the air and you knew it was over when they played the National Anthem.
One difference;we wore jeans,just NOT to school. You had no choice but to dress up and i do mean DRESS up. The girls had to wear dresses or skirts.If you would have worn jeans to high school you’d have been sent home;although I doubt you’d make it out the front door to school.
We said the pledge of allegiance every morning before class started with hand over heart.The day John F. Kennedy was assassinated classes were halted and we prayed.

‘Where is Christopher Wray?’ GOP lawmakers say FBI director ignoring them — and push ahead for key interviews | Fox News

Reps. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and Mike Johnson, R-La., on Monday night said FBI Director Christopher Wray “has declined to respond” to their May 4 letter seeking information and interviews with key FBI officials after the bombshell revelations in the Michael Flynn case — prompting the lawmakers to take matters into their own hands.”Because Director Wray has declined to respond to our request, we are forced to write to you directly,” Jordan and Johnson wrote in an extraordinary letter to FBI agent Joe Pientka, who participated in the unusual January 24, 2017 White House interview that led to Flynn’s prosecution for one count of making false statements to the FBI. The lawmakers requested Pientka sit for a transcribed interview with the Judiciary Committee.Fox News previously determined that Pientka also was intimately involved in the probe of former Trump aide Carter Page, which the DOJ has since acknowledged was riddled with fundamental errors and premised on a discredited dossier that the bureau was told could be part of a Russian disinformation campaign.

Source: ‘Where is Christopher Wray?’ GOP lawmakers say FBI director ignoring them — and push ahead for key interviews | Fox News

“Where is Christopher Wray?”

Jordan tweeted Monday night.


Just Went Premium Again

Now that the blog is premium again decided it was time for some remodeling around here.

America First: Trump, the American Years has gone minimal.Nuttin too fancy. Let me know what you think. Did you like the other scratchpad theme better or this one?  I’ll admit it’s a lot simpler but it doesn’t allow for much customization. 

Pay Pal is finally working. I also signed up for the Amazon Affiliate program a 2nd time.I decided to do it a little differently this time. Instead of having a separate page listing all the books,I’m going to highlight each book-maybe a couple- by post.

Still supporting Pres Trump though. In fact,I opened a website called Catholics For Trump complete with a message board for people to join and discuss how we can help Trump get re-elected and other topics relevant for the day.Another words,it’s mostly political but from a Catholic point of view.

Everyone,even if you’re NOT Catholic,is welcome to join us! Catholics 4 Trump