Gregg Jarrett: Flynn cover-up — FBI’s Wray must go. Americans need director they can trust | Fox News

FBI Director Christopher Wray needs to go. He should resign or be fired. He was supposed to be the solution for the beleaguered bureau. Instead, he became the problem.

During his nearly three-year tenure at the helm of the FBI, Wray has consistently defied Congress by refusing to produce documents exposing the dishonest acts of his predecessor, James Comey, and his cadre of corrupt confederates.

Even worse, Wray is to blame for suppressing evidence of innocence in the criminal case against former national security adviser Michael Flynn.  Under Wray, promises of transparency and reform proved to be nothing more than an illusion, replaced by a deliberate cover-up of FBI malfeasance in the Trump-Russia investigation.

Explosive new documents emerged last week showing how Comey, together with then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and senior counterintelligence official Peter Strzok, conjured up a pretense to interview Flynn on Jan. 24, 2017, in a plot to invent a crime they knew he did not commit.

There was no legitimate reason for agents to talk with Flynn. He had done nothing wrong in speaking with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the presidential transition.

Yet, armed with the conversations that had been secretly recorded, the FBI fabricated a reason to meet with Flynn, deceived him about their true intent, and set a trap to “get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired.” This was unconscionable and, quite likely, illegal.

Getting rid of Flynn would achieve a dual purpose. First, it would eliminate the threat of an experienced intelligence official in the White House who would surely uncover the FBI’s scheme to falsely implicate Trump in a nonexistent “collusion” conspiracy with Russia. Second, it would badly damage the president a mere four days into his nascent administration.

The new documents show that Comey, McCabe and Strzok were desperate to neutralize Flynn. He had been investigated and surveilled by the FBI which, at one point, deployed a confidential human source (CHS) who was unable to dig up any dirt on the retired lieutenant general. Flynn was a patriot; not a Russian agent.

 “No derogatory information was identified,”

stated one memorandum dated Jan. 4, 2017.

The bureau’s Washington field office decided to close their covert case against Flynn. But Strzok, at the behest of Comey and McCabe, put a stop to that.

They resurrected an obscure and moribund 1799 law — the Logan Act — as a pretext to perpetuate their pursuit of Flynn even though they well knew that the act had no application or relevance.

All of this information was contained in documents concealed for years by Wray’s FBI but made public only last week after a suspicious Attorney General William Barr ordered a review of the Flynn matter.

Under the law, such exculpatory evidence is required to be turned over to the defendant.  A judicial order in the Flynn case also mandated it.

Instead, the material was hidden from Flynn and the American public. Both deserved the truth. The retired three-star general had been ruined financially and his reputation shattered.

Under threat, he was coerced by special counsel Robert Mueller’s squad of partisan prosecutors into pleading guilty to a crime he did not commit — making a false statement. Mueller’s team knew all about the exculpatory documents, but they chose to bury them and persecute Flynn.


U.S. Attorney for Connecticut John Durham is reportedly examining the Machiavellian machinations of Comey and his minions in their disgraceful endeavor to destroy Flynn. It seems obvious that his constitutional rights were violated and justice was obstructed. Whether criminal charges will be brought is now up to Barr and Durham.

But Director Wray bears direct responsibility for failing to produce long ago all of this evidence of egregious misconduct. If he did not know about it, as he implausibly claims, then he’s incompetent. More likely, he knew but refused to do what his duty demanded.

In either case, he is not the person who should be leading the FBI. The bureau’s reputation was left in tatters by Comey, and Wray has done little to give Americans any confidence that the FBI can be trusted.

Americans are right to be fearful of the FBI. The agency’s chronic abuses of law and process, together with its thuggish tactics, present a frightening example of how power corrupts.   

Yep.I was calling for his firing since the day he testified with Rod Rodentstein(yes,the other rat,RODENTSTEIN). It was evident from Wray’s Senate testimony he was more interested in covering up for the corrupt-almost every time he was questioned his answer suggested they had to protect ‘sensitive’ information. BULL****

It’s either Wray or the FBI. One has to go.

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