Relatives mourning Texas teen’s coronavirus death test positive for virus | Fox News

A Texas family grieving the loss of their 17-year-old daughter who died after contracting the novel coronavirus say that her mother, her biological father, her stepfather, and an older sibling have also since tested positive for COVID-19. Jameela Barber, a junior at Lancaster High School, is believed to be the youngest victim in Dallas County, Fox 4 News reported.

Source: Relatives mourning Texas teen’s coronavirus death test positive for virus | Fox News

Sidney Powell Reacts to Latest Revelations in Flynn Case… | The Last Refuge

Michael Flynn’s defense counsel, Sidney Powell, calls-in to FBN for an interview to discuss the latest developments in the case against her client. Powell: “There will be more evidence forthcoming. We still have a lot more that they said they will disclose to us.”

Source: Sidney Powell Reacts to Latest Revelations in Flynn Case… | The Last Refuge

Trump: I Will ‘Certainly Consider’ Bringing Michael Flynn Back Into My Administration (Video) ⋆ This is about to get even more interesting… ⋆ Flag And Cross

General Michael Flynn served as national security adviser in the Trump administration for a very, very short time. Of course, it now looks like Flynn was set up – read more about it at this link.President Trump made an announcement about Flynn that will raise plenty of eyebrows, particularly from the left.

Source: Trump: I Will ‘Certainly Consider’ Bringing Michael Flynn Back Into My Administration (Video) ⋆ This is about to get even more interesting… ⋆ Flag And Cross

“I Don’t Need a Lecture” – Pelosi Snaps at Reporter For Calling Out Double Standard of How She Treated Kavanaugh Compared to Biden on Sexual Assault Allegations (VIDEO) – Nwo Report

Source: GP House Speaker Nancy Pelosi snapped at a reporter who called out the double standard for how she treated Brett Kavanaugh compared to Biden on sexual assault allegations.

Pelosi interrupted the reporter when she pointed out the Speaker demanded an investigation on Kavanaugh after Christine Blasey Ford came forward with evidence-free accusations against the SCOTUS nominee yet holds Biden to another standard.

“Let me just say, I respect your question and I don’t need a lecture or a speech,” Pelosi said in a condescending tone.

Instead of answering the question, Pelosi twisted herself into a pretzel trying to explain why Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations are different than Christine Ford’s.

The Speaker then went straight to her rehearsed talking points and said she was proud to endorse Biden for president.


Source: “I Don’t Need a Lecture” – Pelosi Snaps at Reporter For Calling Out Double Standard of How She Treated Kavanaugh Compared to Biden on Sexual Assault Allegations (VIDEO) – Nwo Report

COVID-19 Vaccine Could Be Ready As Early As September, Researchers Say – Nwo Report

Source: Eric A. Blair

Scientists at Oxford University say their tests for a potential COVID-19 vaccine has so far proven effective on rhesus macaque monkeys, which were inoculated at a lab in Montana in May and stayed healthy for a full month despite repeated exposure to the virus, the New York Times reports.

Source: COVID-19 Vaccine Could Be Ready As Early As September, Researchers Say – Nwo Report

A prayer to St. Joseph so you can find work after the COVID-19 pandemic

If you’ve lost your job, ask St. Joseph the Worker to intercede for you.Each year in many countries, people begin the month of May with a celebration of International Workers’ Day. This year, the festive mood will be dampened for all those who lost their jobs because of the pandemic. But it’s still possible for all of us to call on the protection of St. Joseph. In 1955, St. Pius XII wished to dedicate May 1 to this saint, who had consecrated most of his life to humbly and lovingly working as a carpenter and fulfilling his role as a head of family, and offer him as a model for all those working or looking for work.Here’s a prayer to St. Joseph composed by Fr. Yannick Bonnet (1933-2018). It will be very useful to all those looking for work or to all those who are currently worried about their professional prospects:Blessed St. Joseph,your task as a guardian of the Redeemer and a protector of Virgin Mary made you the head of the Holy Family and the administrator of its material possessions. Three times,your obedience to God’s will forced you to change the place of residence losing contact with those providing work for you.Three times,in Bethlehem, in Egypt and when you came back to Galilee,you were forced to look for new construction projects to exercise your trade as a carpenter.St. Joseph,you never lost your faith in God and sought his help.Today, I am also looking for work,and I am calling on you,as a powerful mediator who, with the help of your spouse,will defend me before your Son,to help me find a way to live off the fruits my work.Teach me how to be active in my search,open to new opportunities, honest in my relations,reasonable in my demands,determined in fulfilling all of my obligations.St. Joseph of Good Hope,pray for me, protect me, guide me and keep my hopes up.Amen.

Source: A prayer to St. Joseph so you can find work after the COVID-19 pandemic

Conspiracy Theories & Misinformation

We’ve all dealt with the craziness on the left and now,sad to say,we also have to deal with the craziness on the right.

I may quit Twitter for that very reason,even though i hold the Trump supporters in the highest regard.The Wuhan virus seems to have killed common sense & the cognitive ability to reason.

Besides,i want to start focusing attention on the greatest political scandal of our time.The seditious act to take down a duly elected President of the United States.For now, a few words about the various conspiracy theories and outright misinformation making the rounds on social media.

People-there is NO VACCINE .They are feverishly working on one at the behest of the President. When there is one and it becomes available the first one to announce it will be President Trump.There is some hope on the horizon with various treatments.

Pres Trump pulled together a fantastic Coronavirus Task Force and put VP Mike Pence in charge of it. He called together some of the best minds to work on the task force with an all hands on deck approach. If you have an issue with Trump’s choice of ppl take it up with him but spare me the keep your enemies closer brainstorm. Pure nonsense. Pres Trump knows these decisions are a matter of life and death involving the American people. He’s not bringing his enemies closer to deal with a pandemic that’s all but destroyed the economy he grew and killed our own citizens.Sorry,but that’s nuts and this is far too serious a crisis to promote craziness. If you’re spreading conspiracy theories about his team you are  questioning the Presidents good judgment in handling the crisis.
The team he has put together has been working tirelessly with him on minimizing the damage & saving lives.It doesn’t look like anyone on his team-including himself-has been getting any sleep. They all look exhausted. The President does his best to keep the American people upbeat and resolute; he believes there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I give Pres Trump a lot of credit for coming out every day to hold briefings with the press so he can keep the American people informed. They’re my main go to source for Covid-19 information.I also try to read  legit[emphasis on legit] scientific and medical articles only [emphasis on only]related to the virus. They’re helpful. 

What i find interesting about the briefings is how much Pres Trump respects the people HE  [deliberate emphasis on Trump]appointed to the task force. I noticed lately he speaks to Dr Fauci on a first name basis,calling him ‘Tony’. Odd how the people involved in promoting conspiracy theories and the President’s opinion of Dr Fauci and Brix aren’t simpatico. Let’s remember that Dr Fauci is a doctor and he’s going to look at the virus impact through his purely medical lens. Pres Trump IS the President and he has to consider all angles including medical.He’s going to be concerned with opening up the economy. Dr Fauci is not. Pres Trump will be the one making that decision. Fauci can only advise him on guidelines. PERIOD.

I’ve heard the conspiracy theories about covid death numbers being inflated.Does anyone think Pres Trump is stupid enough to let that happen? How offensive is that to the families who lost loved ones? 

Here’s the deal. Say patient A has stage 4 cancer. One day patient A goes into sudden cardiac arrest and is pronounced DOA at the hospital. Know what the cause of death is listed as? I can tell you. Sudden Cardiac Arrest. It’s how its been done for years;they are not going to make an exception to the rules for Covid-19 . 

Was the modeling off? Modeling is modeling. Data is data.

Modeling will tell you what could happen. Data tells you what has happened. It goes without saying data is going to be more accurate.I will say this,nobody* had any idea what was about to hit us.Nobody had much of an idea what this virus could do but Pres Trump made the right calls anyway when he banned travel from China to the U.S. and eventually banned Europe.Thank God he had already worked on closing down our border! We still don’t know a great deal about the virus but we know a lot more now than when we first started learning about it.

No,Pres Trump did NOT call the virus a hoax. The media itself  fueled the idea that the virus was a hoax by spreading the lie that the President said it was.Trump called the media-not the virus- a hoax and they are.

For my part i  am not going to play arm chair ‘general’ and posit we should have done A,B or C. None of the decisions Pres Trump had to make were easy ones.The media gets to sit on the sidelines & critique him. He has to make the calls,hope they’re the right ones and live with the consequences. I would not want to be in his shoes;easy to be on the outside looking in. 

He has stepped up to deal with perhaps the greatest  challenge of his presidency even at a time when Pelosi,Nadler and Schiff were trying to impeach him.Let’s not forget what they were doing! Don’t let THEM forget what they were doing either.

Finally, THE question;when and IF they come up with a vaccine are husband and i going to get it? You bet we are. I am old enough to remember Polio. There’s a reason we don’t hear about it anymore-they developed a vaccine.  I say IF because i have read if the virus mutates,which it could do,then having a vaccine produced could prove futile.

A suggestion for the people spreading these conspiracy theories and misinformation;JUST STOP. The Pres is doing his utmost to make sure he gets the best information out there to keep the American people safe and our economy afloat.He has a briefing nearly every day so we can stay informed. Listen to what he and the task force members have to say. It’s the best you’re going to get. Follow the guidelines the President has them lay out for us. Anything else is just background noise making the public more confused & possibly making terrible decisions that could cost them their life.Ignorance is not bliss,but neither is misinformation passing for legitimate information.It’s sensational & makes for a lot of social media ‘buzz’ but it’s not helpful to anyone.

Pray for our President,our health care workers, his team and surely our country. That we can do.Let’s be thankful he made the decisions he did and that he was elected President.I would hate to think where we would be at now were it the other person.I am absolutely convinced that he is the right person at the right time in our history.Feel free to disagree with that one-it’s only an opinion-but you won’t convince me otherwise.

*one possible exception:CHINA