What i’ve learned(so far)during the pandemic of 2020 @POTUS @realDonaldTrump #WuhanVirusMadeinChina #Trump2020

The CCP*unleashed a scourge on our country. They did it by accident or design;either way they lied and covered up.I believe it was design but that’s just me. What do i know? [More on that later].They had the WHO lie and cover up for them. It was a bold faced lie.It cost lives and caused untold misery.

By the time we-the authorities in the United States et al- found out, God knows how many infected people were already here.Pres Trump was being impeached at the same time.

The news coverage wasn’t looking at China,much less Wuhan,even much less a virus outbreak. They were anxiously waiting for Speaker Nancy Pelosi to take the articles of impeachment over to the Senate.

Trump got wind. He put the travel ban on China.It mitigated the disaster but we will never know by how much because the worst possible didn’t happen.It could have.It was bad enough.
The scourge hit 3 states first. One thing i learned from this was how highly contagious the Wuhan Virus is. It started with 3 states and quickly went through 50.

I got the same impression from our local infections.It only took 1 or 2 people getting in contact with people outside our county and before we knew it,it was up to 30. I knew as soon as there was even 1 or 2 it was going to go up.

President Trump tried to encourage calm through the Virus Task force.The media was working hard against him trying to encourage panic.I say the same thing about the virus as i do about tornadoes. Prepare not panic.

The American people were spooked and had every right to be. We still don’t know a great deal about the virus. We just know more than we did.
What we didn’t need was widespread panic. Pres Trump was right in trying to encourage calm.

It’s an election year. The Democrats are not going to let a crisis go to waste.
What we didn’t need was panic but we also didn’t need what i noticed from SOME people on social media. People were blowing it off.

They resented the stay at home orders. They resented everything being shut down.
They insisted the numbers were inflated. Others picked up conspiracy theories.
They criticized the modeling.

When the deaths weren’t as high as they thought they might maybe these people felt vindicated. Some even believed that there really was no pandemic and it was all some sort of conspiracy by an unknown cabal.

People went to the stores fearing a shortage. There was no shortage. They caused a shortage at the stores and when other ppl went in to get the same items they needed they couldn’t find any. I’d call that self fulfilling prophecy.The hoarders couldn’t take 2 seconds to think about the next person.

My husband and i had bought just what we needed for the month,as we do any month and we ended up with all we needed. A few days ago we sent a 3rd party to the store for us. There were 3 cans of Lysol spray. We bought 1. Sure we could have grabbed up the other 2 but what if someone else needed them?

My husband and i self isolated because he has a serious heart issue and hadn’t been out of the hospital that long;his immune system isn’t up to speed. Do we like it? No.Our lives better the day before all this happened? Definitely.

Everyone’s life was better the day before. Pres Trump had to be floored. His economy was booming one day and shot down the next. The stock market was a reflection of the blow.

Let’s talk about this modeling controversy while we’re at it. A model is only a reflection on what is likely to happen;that is what COULD happen given a certain set of circumstances. Can it be off?Sure.

It’s only as good as the people doing it. It can be off for other reasons;mainly that it only tells us what is likely to happen,not what WILL happen.It’s meant to be a helpful tool,not an answer, so the people making decisions can make the best decisions.

It’s never going to be a clear cut answer. That’s where DATA comes in and data can be slow in coming. Analysis takes time and careful scrutiny.You have to be cautious in determining cause and effect.

Mitigation works. There was no stopping the virus and infections. It was here.
All mitigation was meant to do is keep it(infections from the virus) tamped down as much as possible so the health care system(hospitals,nurses,supply etc)didn’t end up overwhelmed.If anyone expected mitigation to completely stop the virus from spreading or killing people they really didn’t understand the purpose of mitigation.

The guidelines the President and task force put out were the MINIMUM of what people could do to mitigate. They could have gone for maximum but they didn’t.
It was odd that the media, Democrats,liberals and people who hated Trump[ALL THE SAME GROUP] wanted him to do maximum and REALLY lay the law down.

Odd in that they were always accusing him of being a dictator,authoritarian and Hitler.
Now they were begging,even demanding,that he become a dictator,authoritarian and Hitler.

I’ll be honest. It’s scary. You think who’s next and is it us? They give the numbers by county. The data is missing a critical point and that is where in that county are the infections picking up.

It would help. They could inform the public without putting in personal information about the victim. I don’t understand why they don’t start testing the general public as the number of tests become available,quicker and easier to administer. It would give a better picture of who needs to isolate,quarantine,get treatments and who doesn’t. We’ve generally learned after the fact. A tad late,don’t you think?

Faith in God is the one thing that mitigates not an unwarranted fear.We also learned that people in the media,entertainment and some in politics think that faith in God is silly. Let me remind these ppl that the CCP is a godless regime and they’ve done the unthinkable. We wouldn’t be going through the Wuhan Virus here if it weren’t for a godless regime.

We don’t know enough about this particular virus & that doesn’t help. There are unanswered questions. It’s possible it reactivates in people who were previously infected.

We don’t have a vaccine. We have treatments. The people who get the virus mostly say the same thing-they have never been that sick.We learned it can be asymptomatic,meaning you can have it and NOT have symptoms. That is really scary.We have to eat but every time someone ventures out to a store it’s possible they will contract the virus.

We learned it is airborne. I wasn’t surprised this was the case because it attacks the respiratory system. Why wouldn’t it be airborne?

The symptoms start out like the symptoms of a cold or flue so I’m sure anyone who has a cough or a runny nose is going to wonder. We were told to check for fever until we learned absence of a fever didn’t necessarily mean you didn’t have the virus.

One thing we’ve really learned first hand from this terrible experience is the failure of socialism. Get it now? See those empty shelves?That’s socialism. How about being asked to snitch out your neighbors? That’s socialism. How about the heavy hand of some officials albeit necessary in some instances;that’s socialism.
How do you like some businesses being shut down? Of course it’s due to a virus but that’s socialism in practice.

I for one hate to see the heavy hand of government even when it’s necessary so I am hoping we take the messages from the President and his task force seriously.We can be responsible for good decisions without having to be forced.
Somewhere in between panic and complacency is good citizenship.Most of us know we are in this together,we support our President and the effort he is making to do the right thing and that we’ll come through the other side as the strong God fearing Americans we are. Most of us know politics isn’t going to help anyone. People using this to attack the President do not have our best interests at heart. I think most people,regardless of party, understand that these politics do more harm than good. I doubt they want to waste another year on the umpteenth investigation of the President. Been there, done it,did that. The pandemic is serious business.

It’s a matter of life and death.

I’ve seen a new found respect for the folks who truly matter,our health care workers,not the celebrities who think they are so important to our lives. Our media is in sad and sorry shape but we always knew that.

It’s just become more apparent how horrible these so called journalists are. When we really needed good information all they could do was weaponize a major tragedy.They provided no valuable service to us. Thankfully our President and his task force have done their best to keep us informed with the Daily Briefings.
I really look forward to them even though it would be better if there were no need for them.

Unfortunately the Democrats are starting another investigation into the President.Another one,seriously? How many have we had already? Enough.Let the President do his job. They’ve been no help to anyone either.

Finally,please(begging)stop with the conspiracy theories. No, 5g is not causing a virus. It’s a bandwidth frequency. The virus is biological. Do we have to buy into every crazy thing we hear? Please use discernment AND science. Better yet,tune into the Task Force briefings and get your information first hand.
You obviously have free time on your hands.PRAY for our country,our President,our fellow citizens.
Do not buy products labeled Made In China.

*Chinese Communist Party