Here’s My Bill(it may not be it beats the one Congress passed)

Pay roll tax cut as requested by the President

increased unemployment for hospital workers misplaced due to virus(quarantined)

Loans for small and large businesses  who keep their employees

forgo the 1k checks and provide testing for American citizens who request one;symptoms or no symptoms. We’d just as soon NOT bankrupt the country;we would definitely like to have some idea of who is infected and who isn’t. We’re probably not doing much shopping at this point so a 1k check isn’t going to help a business we can’t patronize anyway.

You see,they’ve cancelled some of my husband’s Dr appointments. The Dr isn’t willing to chance being infected. He doesn’t know if we’re infected. We don’t know if he’s infected. We don’t know if the other people who came into his office were infected. You can’t blame the Dr. We had to drop our in home service of health attendants. We didn’t dare chance it. As much as we need their help we hate to think we could infect them. A test would answer that question. A 100.00 test would run up millions in the general population. It wouldn’t run up TRILLIONS like the bill Congress is passing.

They hate to think they could infect us. We’re caught up in this uncertainty and not sure what the best decision is. Peace of mind is worth more to us than a check.

The post office? We’re supporting the post office? I thought it was already subsidized by the Federal government.

Amtrak-how about we privatize rail? I guarantee it would be managed better.

Help the hospitals,nurses,doctors,nursing homes,hospice/health care attendants.Put funds into much needed equipment,masks,ventilators etc. Put funds into research for a vaccine, treatments and drugs.This would have more to do with the virus than sending the general population a check they can’t spend.

We can’t keep running up these debts. Wait till we hit a crisis worse than this one and we no longer have the funds when we REALLY need them.


Stop the extortion. The only way we get bills passed is to give Congressional members their goodies? How about we cut off their pay? We could save plenty. All they’ve done is try to impeach the President and investigate him every other week. We paid for it.

This bill sucks like every other bill they pass. They get paid for writing bills that suck? They’re lawyers? Would you hire them?



Catholic.conservative. Pro life.Period.