1. China is a godless country and persecutes Christians.

2. China is under the control of a COMMUNIST REGIME. They don’t think twice about murdering,torturing,imprisoning their own people. Why would they care about people they deem an enemy,such as the United States?

3. Does the name Mao Tse Tung ring a bell?

“Communism is not love.Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy”

IF it doesn’t ring a bell PLEASE look him up;look up the Cultural Revolution in China.

4. Has China ever played fair? The only way Pres Trump could get a level playing field with trade was to threaten them with and USE tariffs. China intends to have world domination. The idea that they would play fair in trade without a strong hand on our part is a pipe dream. Face it. They lie,cheat and steal. Is there some higher moral purpose they serve? Nope. The state is everything.

5. Anyone remember the Tiananmen Square massacre? I understand that Pres Trump tries to be diplomatic with the Chinese government publicly but we,the American people,are under no such obligation. Why ARE we doing business with a COMMUNIST REGIME? They have an abysmal human rights record and now this #WUHANVIRUS has affected the whole world,killed thousands and sent our economy reeling.They covered up. They lied. There is no reason to believe a word they say now.

6. I heard the Wuhan Virus began with a bat. How do we know this isn’t biological[germ]warfare that they tested in Wuhan?Whatever the cause they had a responsibility to be transparent. The WHO(no,it’s not the rock band) is a joke. They are the mouthpiece of China.
7. Let’s be honest with ourselves. It’s the WUHAN VIRUS and China must be held accountable. Let’s also be honest with ourselves and realize we are dealing with a Communist Regime.Last i knew-back in the day-you didn’t do business with a Communist Regime. You don’t sell out your own country to them that’s for sure.
Look to Congress. Ask them;what’s in your wallet?

8. Whatever the outcome of this unknown we are going through, i know that the legacy of Donald J. Trump will be the steps he has taken to bring our healthcare system up to the preparedness it needs. We weren’t there this time. We will be the next time.