China Lied. People Died. #WuhanVirus

I’m going to keep it simple.

Straight up facts.

  1. China is NOT our friend. They are a communist regime. Back in the day we viewed communist regimes as our mortal enemy. This is STILL true.
  2.  Why are American companies doing business in China at all? They devalue their currency, rob our intellectual properties and take away jobs from Americans.
  3. Now this,the #WuhanVirus. Some of our journalists who were reporting the truth from China got the boot from China. China is responsible for the pandemic because they chose to cover up the truth from their own people-let alone the rest of the world. Why would we even want to consider them a ‘friend.’China lied,people died. TRUTH..
  4. They[Chinese government] owe the U.S. and the rest of the world for the loss of life and damage [if not destruction]to the respective economies.5.
  5.  Who in Congress is in their pocket? I’ll tell you one person who isn’t,Pres Trump.


Democratic Party’s donkey symbol replaced by a rat in Google search



As we approach the 2020 U.S. presidential election, more and more Americans are turning to Google with important questions about politicians and policies. And, as of the time of this writing, if one of those questions involves looking up the term “Democratic Party” on the popular search engine, then those Americans would be led to believe that the party’s symbol is that of a rat. Like, literally a rat. The Democratic Party’s symbol is, of course, a donkey. You would be forgiven for thinking otherwise, however, if you came across Google’s so-called Knowledge Panel which, on Monday afternoon, displayed a multicolored rodent in all its red-white-and-blue glory. For the unfamiliar, the Knowledge Panel is an information box sitting on the right side of search results and, according to Google, is “meant to help you get a quick snapshot of information on a topic based on Google’s understanding of available content on the web.”In this case, it’s clear that Google’s understanding is perhaps a bit lacking.

Source: Democratic Party’s donkey symbol replaced by a rat in Google search