FBI Arrests Harvard Chemist; Two Others Charged in Chinese Research Cases – David Harris Jr

The FBI has arrested the chair of Harvard University’s chemistry department.They claim he lied about his work for the Chinese government.

Authorities have been investigating numerous liberal institutions of learning for aiding China to steal intellectual and military properties that the Chinese can use.

In return, China was paying off professors and the universities themselves.Officials estimate that Chinese theft of intellectual property costs American businesses tens of billions of dollars every year.

Charles Lieber, the Harvard professor, lied to Defense Department investigators when they questioned him in April of 2018.

They had asked him if he had been involved in the Thousand Talents Plan, designed to attract top-flight academics and experts to work in China.

Although Lieber denied any involvement with the Thousand Talents Plan, he had actually signed a contract with them years earlier and he was trying to hide his connection to the program.

He was making as much as $50,000 a month working for the Chinese.From The Washington PostLieber, 60, was under contract as part of the Thousand Talents Plan from 2012 to 2017, according to a criminal complaint filed against him.

As the recipient of federal grant money, Lieber was required to disclose to the government any significant foreign financial conflicts of interest, including payments from foreign entities.

An expert in nanotechnology, Lieber was arrested Tuesday morning by federal agents. His lawyer did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment. Harvard said in a statement that he has been placed on leave.“

The charges brought by the U.S. government against Professor Lieber are extremely serious,” the statement said. “Harvard is cooperating with federal authorities, including the National Institutes of Health, and is conducting its own review of the alleged misconduct.”

Peter Zeidenberg, a lawyer who has represented Chinese Americans accused of espionage, said in an email that the Justice Department “has launched an all-out war on any U.S. scientist associated with the 1000 Talent or other Chinese Talent programs.”

Source: FBI Arrests Harvard Chemist; Two Others Charged in Chinese Research Cases – David Harris Jr

Prepare,not Panic (no, it’s NOT about the #WuhanVirus)

I decided to crawl out of our bunker and begin posting my own material.Just kidding. We have no bunker but I did decide to start writing again. We’re being cautious  because of the Wuhan Virus but we’re not getting hysterical and buying a warehouse full of toilet paper or hiding out in a bunker either.

Spring/Summer is upon us or on most of the country. It’s still chilly here but some of the country is starting to warm up and find themselves under the gun. Severe Weather,Thunderstorms and Tornadoes are cropping up.I felt it wouldn’t hurt to keep writing about preparedness. I am flabbergasted, more often than not, by people who are caught unaware and haven’t taken any precautions. I write this for all of you that seem to  get caught off guard.

The first rule of thumb:

Screenshot_371.BE WEATHER AWARE

Unlike the old days we have modern technology and advanced weather forecasting to aide us.
It is possible to know days ahead when there is a possibility of severe storms and tornadoes. They can predict the conditions that will produce a tornado or a severe outbreak;often which produce tornadoes.You can always hope they’ll end up being wrong but it’s better to know what COULD be coming than get caught in it.

The bottom line is that you have to check. Where?
The storm prediction center is the best bet. You can read the report if you want to get into the weeds or you can look at their visual reports and get a pretty good idea of what’s coming.


The next best bet is the weather channel.  A few min of the forecast is worth the time it takes. You can find it online as well-if your stations don’t carry it.


Last, but not least, check your local weather reports. All 3 are helpful but at least one is better than nothing.I’m amazed by people who say they never saw it coming. i can’t tell you how many times i’ve seen areas with a tornado watch and worse, a warning, with footage of people driving around. I don’t get it. One of the worst places you could be,a vehicle,besides a mobile home.

Screenshot_372. HAVE A PLAN

Work on it and make a firm commitment:this is what our family is going to do. Take a dry run now and then.Have everything in place. You have a basement? Fantastic! Be ready to use it and have, at a minimum,  the following down there:
First Aid Kit


Helmet(if you have any ie football helmet)or other head covering

Weather Radio
IF you don’t have a basement decide on your safe space. An interior room away from windows with as many walls as possible between you and the outside will do. Have a flashlight, first aid kit and weather radio handy. If you live in a mobile home or think your structure isn’t ready for a tornado have a plan to go to a friends,family members or shelter; anywhere BUT in a mobile home or car. NOT at the last minute either. If you’re reading this and have no plans at all to locate elsewhere,now is a good time to make a decision on what you will do IF. You can probably make it safely during  a watch.If it comes down to that, use the time to do the things you could have done ahead of time. Once it’s a warning, it’s likely too late.
BTW. Weather sirens are not dependable. Those are set off for people doing outdoor activities to take shelter. They are not meant to warn a whole area. You may or may not hear that warning.

Be VIGILANT at night if you know you’re under the gun. Every minute[even seconds]counts.

Night hours are the worst,most deadly time to have a tornado.My thinking is, sleep in the basement to begin with;you can always have weather alerts sent to your phone.

PLAN NOT PANIC  is key. If your plan is in place then there’s less need to panic.

Be ready,stay as calm as possible and do.Once you’re well prepared and have your plan in place you should be able to go into auto pilot when the time comes.Rule 1 though: BE WEATHER AWARE AND HAVE A PLAN!!!!

Some great tornado safety videos. Various sources.