Pay Pal Donations

Unfortunately pay pal has managed to goof up the link to my bank account. They removed it and now i have to go back and link the account all over again. I’m not sure how long it takes for them to do the deposit and withdrawal so i can confirm the account(AGAIN)but am hopeful it’s only a matter of days.

It’s been a long day. I’ve also been trying to get everything booked for the trip to Cleveland for my husband. There is nothing like having to deal with the conveniences of modernity. Everything is an app rather than a phone number where you can contact customer service. When you do have a number to contact-which is getting rarer-then you get to do the ‘which number to press’ dance. Of course, once you FINALLY reach a human, good luck reaching a human who can speak English.

Suggestion:Try You will at least get in touch with a live person IF the company is listed.I’ve found quite a few there. It doesn’t solve the problem of reaching a human you can actually communicate with[speaks English], but at least it gets you through to a living breathing speaking person. I’m more apt to return to a company that has an American employee, when their customer service can be reached. There are companies i will NEVER return to for those very reasons;because they don’t have a number to call,they don’t have a simple automated system OR they don’t hire American.

Long story short,I will get the account linked and be able to take any donation you are willing to give if you so choose.  I’d like to keep this blog going and if you’d like to keep it going too it would be a great help.If you made a donation and it failed I have to apologize. Try again in a few days. It should go through.