Mini Mike is everything the media has accused Trump of being(with 0 proof about Trump) Part I(there’s more to come)


The NYTimes,hardly a conservative rag, covered accusations of discrimination against female employees by Mike Bloomberg.

From a past article the Times noted a number of accusations and lawsuits filed against Bloomberg.

Three high-level female employees — Jill Patricot, Janet Loures and Tanys Lancaster — said they were demoted and had their pay cut after they disclosed that they were pregnant…the three women asserted that Mr. Bloomberg has been far more involved in running Bloomberg L.P. than he had let on. A day later, the mayor acknowledged that he has been in touch with executives at the company, including its chief executive, Lex Fenwick, and that he had been told about the lawsuit.

This was not the first time Mr. Bloomberg’s company — he still owns a 68 percent stake — faced such accusations. In 1996 and 1997, the company was hit with four lawsuits filed by female employees accusing the company of sexual discrimination or harassment.


Trump will never step down

How many terms did Mike Bloomberg get away with serving as mayor of NYC?

It’s only humor people. A meme by Carpe Donktum.



and this is just for starters…

He insinuated that not only some minorities are responsible for most crimes,he insinuated that nearly ALL are responsible for crimes and that they ought to be thrown against the wall during stop and frisk. He even claimed that an “enormous cohort” of young black and Latino males “don’t know how to behave in the workplace.”


Now imagine if Pres Trump had said anything even remotely close to what Mini Mike has said. 

Donald Trump Lacks Compassion

How many times have people been told that Trump is not worried about people with pre-existing conditions or that he’s going to deprive people of health care especially the handicapped and disabled.

Remember Sarah Palin saying government run health care would have death panels? Remember how she was ridiculed?

What’s this?

Comparison(ONE example. I could cite others)


Bloomberg thinks  government bureaucrats should get to decide who lives and who dies? The Democrats are forever trying to frighten seniors that Republicans are going to cut off their Medicare and/or Social Security.Not to worry. Bloomberg will just leave them to die.

You think that well known  NYC soda ban was as far as Mayor Bloomberg intended to go?

Think again:



When you break the big laws, you do not get liberty; you do not even get anarchy. You get the small laws. ~ G.K. Chesterton