@realDonaldTrump @POTUS is a fantastic President.How can we lose?

Is Nancy Pelosi still Speaker of the House? Did Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff pull off (albeit poorly)a sham impeachment? Is the fake media still going after William Barr and Donald Trump? Do some people insist on believing the Russian Hoax? If the answer is yes to these questions then the Democrats won the House in 2018. Now we KNEW they were going to try to impeach Pres. Trump from the get go.They TOLD us. We KNEW there were people trying to pull off a coup of our duly elected President. So how did the Democrats win the House in 2018? Think some people might have stayed home that should have voted? We didn’t have to go through all this,did we?
Everyone keeps talking about a Trump landslide in 2020. Sure it’s possible. It’s also possible he could lose. It’s just as possible as it was for the Democrats to win the House in 2018 and come close to a Senate take over.
Remember Hillary Clinton’s question.

She thought her election in 2016 was a slam dunk too.
It’s a huge mistake-a costly one-to become sure of a win. Forget what everyone is saying. Whether they’re suggesting it’s going to be a Trump landslide or that he couldn’t possibly win given the forces arrayed against him. Disregard both sides. Vote like the country depends on it because it does. Be thankful we have the right to vote and turn out in huge numbers. You can’t take a win for granted and think it’s impossible to lose. You can’t listen to the media either when they show you polls where Trump is losing. Just get out the vote.PERIOD.

We know very well that the media IS the Democrat party and they share the same goal;destroy Pres Trump. Ignore them.
We MUST turn out the vote.This is how elections are won or lost.
Donate to the campaign;whether it’s funds[money] or time[volunteer].
If you don’t have either at least convince the people you know to get out and vote. If they don’t have a way to get there then remind them when the time comes and offer a ride!
Donald Trump is a fantastic President but he can’t do it on his own. We have 1 yr to go. Seems like forever doesn’t it? If i had my way we’d vote today. It seems like they start the election cycle earlier every time. Wish it were 6 month or so tops. Most of us have our minds made up before the year is up. The longer they are the more expensive they are too. Anyway,here we are again. Let’s make good use of the year,stick together,support each other and not take a win for granted;let’s get our fantastic President re-elected and give Nancy Pelosi et al the boot this time.