A Rough Month

My husband has been very ill so i don’t spend as much time here as i was able to the past year. I’ll update everyone as time permits and i’m actually feeling up to it.Right now-not so much.

Few things i wanted to share about hospitals and our health care system,which is great compared to most countries. Grateful.

  1. the purpose of a hospital is to save lives. Of course that’s the primary goal. The next goal, which is almost as important, is to get the patient HOME not keep them hospitalized until the insurance runs out. If you’re goal is not to get the patient home then we’re not on the same page.
  2. COMMUNICATE! It’s essential. You Doctors that keep the family in the dark are not worth anyone’s time. Sorry.I finally had the pleasure of speaking to my husband’s current doctor and he gets an A+. He understands the value of good communication especially when a face to face consultation isn’t possible. This is when good communication is the most critical.
  3. I always get the 200-300 lb nurse who thinks it’s their duty to lecture me about smoking. Deal:I won’t lecture you about dieting and why you would be healthier if you cut down or quit eating if you don’t give me that lecture in re to smoking.
  4. Hospitals needs more nurses. My husband should not have had to sit in a wheelchair for an hour waiting(and hoping)for a nurse to show up. The Cleveland Clinic-at least i’ve heard-runs a tight ship and has 2 nurses per patient. How do we encourage people to go into the field of nursing?I’m not blaming the good nurses who run their butts off-i’ve seen that in several hospitals-but i can blame the hospitals for being short staffed and putting their nurses and the patients in that position.
  5. Pls make sure your phone system is up to speed. More on that in the future. I encountered a poor phone system in more than 1 facility.
  6. Respect a person’s religious beliefs. We’re Catholic. The first thing i want my husband to have is a priest administering anointing of the sick(a sacrament and NO you do not have to be dying!)
  7. Treat the patient in the hospital and their family the way you would want YOUR loved ones to be  treated.You have 100 or so patients. I get that,but we’re only concerned with 1.
  8.  A word to the families who want to talk to staff at the hospital: I learned the best time to call the nurses station to get the skinny was around 10 p.m. depending on what time a particular hospital finishes the floor rounds and has lights out for the day.They’re winding down,the patients are asleep,the floor is generally pretty quiet and they’ve done all the meds etc for the day. They have more free time and you’re being very considerate of them. The rest of the time they’re darned busy.
  9. When you discharge a patient make sure they have transportation to get home. Ask. A lot of people go into a hospital through the emergency room door via an ambulance and may or may not have a way home. My biggest problem was that we don’t have a car,neither of us drive and i didn’t know enough people here to ask for a ride. I was stuck without visiting my husband OR a way to get him home when he was discharged. It was a horrible situation. If only someone had asked and the hospital had a system to deal with such a problem it would have made the situation much easier to deal with.I spent far too many nights either crying because i couldn’t be with my husband or getting angry about the situation in general;I was frustrated from trying every means i could think of.A Dr probably assumes we’re all in the same boat.
  10. Not everyone is meant to be a nurse or doctor (no shame in that) but if you feel you might be one of the persons who are,pls consider the profession.