Kobe Bryant’s last great acts

Began the day with Mass

On the day of his death, a Sunday, many reports have said that Bryant started his day at the Catholic church in Orange County, California, where he regularly attends. As Fr. David Barnes shared on Twitter, Bryant’s commitment to his faith will be a great source of comfort to those who mourn him, and inspiration for others to go to Mass:

As sad as Kobe’s death is, a friend texted me today to tell me that a friend of her’s attends the same Catholic Church as Kobe and saw him this morning at Mass. There can be nothing more consoling to those who mourn than to know that a loved one worshipped God right before his death because worshiping God is what heaven is. Go to Mass. Go to Mass. Go to Mass

Singer Cristina Ballestero, spoke of meeting Bryant one day during Communion at Holy Family Cathedral and posted on Instagram the impact the encounter had on her: “His most inspiring trait was his decision to turn to his faith in God and receive God’s mercy and to be a better man after a regretful decision.”



Source: Kobe Bryant’s last great acts

an unplanned,unforeseen ‘time out’

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