The Plot Against Our President;it’s a shame what has happened to our country

I just finished Chapter 11[XI] of Lee Smith’s best seller, The Plot Against the President and am pausing briefly  before starting the next chapter. Since we’ve watched most of this plot unfold in real time Lee’s book fills in the details. The book is a good way to wrap your head around what you know is still going on. While i’m giving the book a pause i want to put out a few thoughts on the topic.

I’m 67 yr old and over the years have voted for some Democrat candidates and some Republicans. In the last few years more Republicans than Democrats. Our parents were dyed in the wool Democrats who owned up to voting for only 1 Republican-Eisenhower.

If they voted for other Republicans they didn’t tell us.(Who you voted for in my parents house was considered a  very private matter).  As far as i know Eisenhower was the ONLY one.

I have to surmise they voted for Obama. I know my mother would have voted Hillary too had she lived long enough to see her run for President. Mom always liked her.

I didn’t vote for Obama either time; for a host of reasons i won’t get into here. He won 2 terms and he’s an ex President now so it hardly matters. I didn’t join a resistance movement though i did oppose his policies. I didn’t call for his impeachment either because  winning an election is not a crime;let alone a high crime and misdemeanor.

We’re fortunate to witness the peaceful transfer of power every time we hold an election. Hopefully we will never take it for granted. I’ve always been in awe of that.Some countries are fraught with chaos every time an election is held. Some descend into civil war.

What i’ve witnessed since Trump was elected has been a shame. I didn’t think i’d live to see such a thing in the United States of America.The media/Democrat party are engaged in a coup. They are gaslighting the public to believe it’s all a conspiracy theory. They don’t want you to believe your own eyes and ears.

Remember,Jeff Sessions was intimidated and recused himself. His recusal set in motion a special counsel meant to take down President Trump.

Remember,Trump fired General Flynn over allegations,probably not because he believed them ( i doubt he did)but to keep the sharks content. They weren’t.

Those were 2 huge mistakes on the part of the newly elected Trump administration,but given that Trump had just been elected it’s understandable. You’re talking about a new administration that’s just trying to get its bearings. The Trump administration was not given the typical ‘honeymoon’ period a newly elected President is given either.

The media pushed the Russia narrative. They were active conspirators in the plot to take down Trump. There’s a word for that. It’s called SEDITION.

I get that there are people who don’t like Trump. Fine.Nobody said they had to. That’s what we have elections for. You can vote for a Congress that opposes his policies and you can vote for a different candidate when it’s time for the election in 2020. You would think it’s that simple.It is. In fact,that’s the way it’s supposed to work. The media covered up for Clinton/Obama &made a conscious decision to work with (NOT AGAINST) the DEEP STATE to take down Trump.They’re not supporting our Constitution no matter how many times they claim they are. They’re not patriots.They’re actively working against the results of an election because they didn’t like the results, simultaneously hoping to affect the outcome of the next election. They have to know what they’re doing is wrong no matter how good a face they put on it.

You would hope the media would have some integrity. It doesn’t. Why doesn’t the media come  clean? Why are they willing to sacrifice their integrity to cover up for corrupt journalists and their  favorite(Obama) administration? Why are nearly every single one of them willing to LIE to the American people so they can help remove a duly elected President? At the least are they willing to consider the consequences if they succeed? There are a handful of journalists,reporters and commentators who are willing to report on the biggest [political] scandal of our lifetime.
Speaker Pelosi,Rep Adam Schiff  &Jerry Nadler should all hang in their heads in shame for what they have done and are in the process of doing to the country.

Schiff  had a conflict of interest. Did he recuse himself like Sessions did?

They demanded transparency from the President.He released the transcript of the call they are basing the impeachment on. Are they willing to be transparent themselves?
Schiff said he had evidence of the Trump-Russia collusion. Nobody’s seen his evidence to this day.

Schiff lied and said he didn’t know the whistleblower. He more than knew him. Adam Schiff Knew About ‘Whistleblower’ complaint before it was filed.

Schiff looked straight into the camera and lied to the American people when he read off what he was framing to be Trump’s own words.He lied again and claimed it was a parody.He knew exactly what he was doing and why.

The released transcript of Pres call Transcript of actual call between Pres Trump and Ukraine President  

The made up transcript Schiff read in front of the intel committee Adam Schiff’s Made Up Transcript

People like Schiff,Pelosi and Nadler can lie,cheat and steal because they know the media will provide cover for them. It’s why Hillary Clinton was so sure she would win. The intel community,the DOJ, the FBI and the MEDIA were all on her side.She blamed the fake Trump-Russia collusion for her loss. The truth is-and the media has to know this-is that the American people in fly over country came out and voted Trump where it mattered. The Russians had nothing to do with our choice. Trump worked his tail off. Clinton thought the media carrying water for her was enough.He knew it was his to lose. She thought she was entitled.The Obama  higher ups  had an insurance policy they could put  into motion in the unlikely event he won.

Why would the media provide cover and publish lies because they didn’t like the choice of the American people? Why even bother to have elections at all if this is how it works?

Remember the image of the young woman falling to her knees screaming when Trump took the oath of office? It’s hard to forget. You have to ask yourself-who does this? It’s sick. We didn’t do anything even remotely similar when Obama was elected.Two words for the lady: GROW UP! Two other words would work: SEEK HELP!

They have no respect for the right of the American people to freely vote for a candidate-for better or worse-unless it’s the candidate of their choice.

In my mind she’s representative of the opposing party,the media & the intel community working to take down a duly elected President. You know what my husband and I did the day after Obama was elected? We got up in the morning and put on our usual pot of coffee.Life went on. The American people had voted. As much as we weren’t thrilled they chose him twice. We got over it. It’s the way our country has always moved forward.Good people let other people have that choice even when they don’t like it.

The media worshiped the ground Obama walked on.It’s a shame they sold out honest journalism when  Trump was elected and actively worked to take him down. That’s called PROPAGANDA. They have become PRAVDA. It’s a shame they were willing to do whatever it took to cover up any scandal he might have had.It’s why Obama could claim they had a scandal free administration.If you don’t see it,it can’t be happening. It’s the kind of thing that destroys the republic and causes people to lose faith in what used to be their most trusted institutions.

You mean to tell me there aren’t any courageous journalists willing to tell the American people the truth? There are a handful,like Lee Smith,in the book I’m reading.

There are sites like the The Conservative Treehouse that dig deep and work hard to get the truth out there.

There are reporters like John Solomon and Sara Carter willing to take the attacks they will get for exposing the truth.

You can access social media and find folks willing to disseminate solid information that, were it not for them, all we would have is the dishonest (seditious)media.When this is all said and done we will have our heroes.

We have to vote out Pelosi,Schiff and Nadler. We have to weed out the Republicans who wouldn’t stand with our President. I’m not naming names here but one comes to mind who represents every single one of them,Mitt Romney. I voted for the man and defended him when he wasn’t even my first choice. In face he was my last choice. If i were given the chance to make the choice again,sad to say,I would stay home. Obama was going to win with or without my vote.

We will vote in 2020. We respect the rule of law. We accept the choice of the American people even when we don’t like it. We’re the adults in the room.We don’t do mob rule and we don’t allow unelected officials(CIA,FBI,DOJ,the DNC,SOROS  and the MEDIA) to meddle in our elections. We’re certainly never going to stand for a coup. I hope we don’t have to burn down the house,to save our Republic.

Honestly,these people should hang their heads in shame.Maybe some of them will do the right thing and correct the record. I don’t hold out much hope.

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