(317) John Durham Makes Brennan Turn on James Comey During Ongoing Criminal Probe – YouTube

Senator Lindsey Graham said with absolute certainty that the IG report is going to be released on Dec. 9 and Horowitz is going to testify in the Senate on Dec 11.

IF the IG report doesn’t come out on Dec 9th,it’s going to hit the fan.

Keep in mind that Horowitz is only releasing a report on an investigation. He has NO AUTHORITY to indict anyone. I have the strange feeling the report is going to cover somebody’s butt-in fact,i think it’s going to provide cover for a whole group of people.

i could be wrong. I hope i am but so far there hasn’t been any reason to have faith in our justice system or  intel community.

If Sen Graham says it’s coming I’m going to take his word for it  We’ll see. Any thoughts?


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