Dear Madam Speaker @SpeakerPelosi & @RepAdamSchiff *QUICK EDIT

Dear Madam Speaker & Rep Adam Schiff,

As an American citizen who has voted in every election from the time i turned 18 when they passed the  26th  amendment until i turned 67-which of all days is Nov 7-have a very special request. Actually i probably shouldn’t have to make this special request at all,but that said we will continue anyway.Know you have a busy schedule so I’ll make this as concise as possible.Hear this out before you find reason to object.

I would like to request that Pres Trump first term be given back to him;to us.We were the participants and witnesses of a historical election we had every reason to celebrate. You would never have known it by the reaction we put up with.

The first 3 yr of his term was tied up with the Russia Hoax. Fortunately,the hoax did not prevent our President from doing some remarkable things but i can imagine what he would have been able to accomplish had the hoax had not been going on.

He never had the honeymoon period every newly elected President gets.In fact,from the day he was sworn in (even before that)there were high profile people in Congress,the media and Clinton supporters demanding his impeachment. There were high profile members of Congress telling their followers to get in our faces and chase members of the administration out of public areas like a restaurant. Another words make our life hell just for exercising our right to vote. We could be assaulted for wearing the red MAGA hat.Some of us were seriously assaulted.


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I did not vote for Obama,either term. I had nothing against the man personally,but having been a conservative for some years now(a Democrat at one time)he just didn’t represent my values. What did i do the day after he was elected? I got up in the morning and put on our pot of coffee.Life went on. However, as always,i was proud to see him sworn in as much as i was proud to see any person sworn in as President. It is a remarkable thing to watch the PEACEFUL TRANSFER OF POWER.

We don’t have riots,anarchy or  civil wars. The former President attends the event whether that person is a member of their party or not. You have to have a sense of pride in our country for this;i do. I know it sounds corny but i really do get goosebumps every time i have witnessed it.NOTE:I’ll be honest; i wasn’t crazy about the Republican candidates then either. I did not vote for McCain or Romney in our primaries,but i did bring myself to vote for them in the general.*

There were high profile members of Congress who announced they were not going to attend Trump’s inauguration. Sure they were free to express themselves that way but it was disgusting and shameful. It was ONLY the beginning.

We put up with the Resistance,demands for Impeachment, accusations of being Russian bots,agents, racists and a coup that was well under way. Attorney General Sessions was forced to recuse himself (either willingly or by intimidation)so the Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein announced a special counsel led by a man he’d already picked out-Bob Mueller.

The investigation went on for nearly 3 yrs. and used MILLIONS of tax payer dollars. We paid for it.  You may as well say it went on for the Presidents entire first term,only to end and morph into the Ukraine Hoax.

Mueller testified before Congress and either really didn’t know much about his own report or was feigning ignorance from a faulty memory. I’m sure Andrew Weissman wrote the lion’s share of the report but i find it incredibly hard to believe Meuller knew next to nothing at all.

Did we learn that Pres Trump colluded or conspired with the Russians as he was accused? No. You will argue that Trump was not exonerated because he obstructed justice.The report concluded he did not commit a crime; to say he obstructed justice of a crime that the REPORT said he did not commit is insane. I’m sorry but the 2 conclusions are totally contradictory.

Now having failed to take him out with the Russian Collusion story we move onto the Ukraine story and out of a transparent phone call, that the President had no requirement to release, you find grounds for impeachment. To be exact you set up an inquiry to try to find grounds for impeachment.

The bottom line is that the President and by extension US had his whole first term taken away from him. The media helped take it away by switching from worship of Obama and campaigning for Hillary  to relentless attacks on Trump;and again us,directly sometimes.

I’m reading The Plot Against  the President by Lee Smith. I don’t think i have to explain to you what i’m learning from this book.It is filling in the details of a plot i was very aware of before Lee even had his book published. I highly recommend reading it.

For anyone who is interested you can order the book here(amazon affiliate):

We’re in the middle of an attempted coup. You know it as well as i do. A coup in the United States of America. The thought is horrifying.

The consequences are enormous. What a great country we live in and to think we could witness a  Constitutional Republic destroyed by people so incredibly thirsty for power they are willing to go that far.

You really have no idea what could come out of either a successful coup or a removal-the first-of a duly elected President of the United States. Thankfully the Senate has a Republican majority that won’t support the impeachment.

Meanwhile,we’re watching Rep Schiff take away due process from an American citizen; while you get in front of the cameras and say you’re defending the Constitution.

You used a focus group to determine which term to use for the impeachment?

I go on Twitter and every other day there’s a hashtag to impeach the President or demand he resign. When they’re not demanding the President be impeached or resign they’re making the same demand of Attorney General Barr, Stephen Miller or any member of the Trump administration they’ve picked for the week. I quit watching cable news a year ago. I’d rather go to open source media for news. Sometimes the reporting there leaves as much to be desired as cable news;but a lot of it is more right than wrong.More accurate than fake. In most instances,I don’t have put up with outright lies either.There’s good people doing their best to report the truth.

It’s not freedom of the press when the news is working for the Democrat party and their goal is to help you take down a duly elected President.

What i’m asking for  is that you to give us back,as best as possible, the first term of a President we voted for and supported. I expect that the coup will end [HOPEFULLY IT WILL FAIL] and the impeachment will be dropped. Maybe you should let the American people decide for themselves,even if you’re concerned you won’t like the result. I’m concerned i won’t like the result either-i didn’t care for the result when Obama won twice but the folks did vote for him and they had the right to expect he would not be removed from office except by their vote if that’s what THEY chose to do.

Is this really too much to ask? Keep in mind people that the precedent you set here is one you will have to live with.


* I voted for Herman Cain and Mike Huckabee in our primaries.They were still on the ballot in our state.I considered them great choices & voted for them based on principle. McCain and Romney had both won their respective  primaries before our state even voted.Sorry to say i had to plug my nose and vote for McCain and Romney in the general election.Obama,McCain,Romney and Hillary were all horrible choices in my book. It’s obvious from my blog who i believe is a fantastic choice.All I’m asking for is what we would expect for any President,for the sake of the country at least.


Catholic.conservative. Pro life.Period.