Rand Paul Goes There – Drops ‘Whistleblower’ Eric Ciaramella’s Name on Live Broadcast – Demands Testimony (AUDIO)

Rand Paul finally went there — after threatening to out the CIA whistleleaker, the Kentucky Senator dropped Eric Ciaramella’s name during an interview on DC-based WMAL.

Source: Rand Paul Goes There – Drops ‘Whistleblower’ Eric Ciaramella’s Name on Live Broadcast – Demands Testimony (AUDIO)

Ann Coulter Joins Drudge In Turning On Trump – Says POTUS “Must Go”

if the Supreme Court rules against Trump. Trump said IF .Evidently Ann has a problem with reading comprehension or she doesn’t understand a ruling by the Supreme Court. So IF it came down to that i would prefer Trump be in charge of a deal than to hand it over to a Democrat President that would never cut a deal of any kind-or a Congress with a hand so strong and a President so weakened he couldn’t get a half ways decent deal to save his soul. If means that Trump is being pragmatic and getting prepared for the worst. What our President doesn’t need right now are back stabbers like Ann. All she has to worry about is selling books and making waves. She dated Bill Maher? You couldn’t pay me a million to date the sleaze. IF true it speaks volumes to her character.

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When the going gets tough you know who your friends really are and President Trump’s co-called conservative allies are cutting and running as impeachment looms.

The latest of the president’s supporters to stab him in the back is commentator and author Ann Coulter who is now joining with the Democrat-led lynch mob in calling for his ouster.

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Ms. Coulter lost it on Tuesday when Trump suggested that there may be no alternative rather than to cut a deal on DACA if the Supreme Court rules against him during its current term.

The reality of the matter is that the entire legal system has been weaponized in order to nullify Trump’s America First agenda and he has faced a fierce resistance every step of the way; a SCOTUS decision would be the final verdict and he would have…

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