Forget ‘Where’s Hunter?’ — Where’s Lindsey Graham? – Nwo Report


Source:  Daniel John Sobieski

I, for one, have grown weary of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), appearing on every other talk show bloviating about spygate, Ukrainegate, collusiongate, and all the wrongs committed against the Trump presidency and then doing nothing to fight back other than getting his face in front of the camera. Lindsey, do your job or get off the pot — call some hearings, as you promised, and go for the Democrat’s jugular. Show that passion you showed during the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh when you went on an epic rant against that bevy of Democratic presidential wannabes who were raising the politics of personal destruction as they shredded the presumption of innocence all Americas are supposed to enjoy.

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Will be perfectly honest, i happen to have a lot of respect for Lindsey,especially for his staunch support of Bret Kavanaugh during an especially trying confirmation hearing.He was very helpful in getting the nomination through.I didn’t always agree with Sen Graham back in the day but i believe he acted-albeit wrongly sometimes-on principle. Graham also has a fantastic sense of humor; that’s his one saving grace when he’s campaigning.

That said,If it were possible i’d grab hold of Graham and shake the hell out of him or give him a good slap upside the head and say snap out of it man. Of course,i can THINK about doing that but to actually do it,only if i’d want to get arrested and jailed. NO can do. You get the point though.

Word to you Senator Graham:

You go on the cable news networks and announce that you’re going to do this,this and this then keep your word or you start to look like all talk. Eventually people are no longer going to be impressed and realize they’re being played. It isn’t going to help your re-election campaign either,not even with your sharp wit. These are serious times. Our duly elected President is under assault. They will do anything to remove him from office. it’s time to step up to the plate and take these corrupt people to task.You’re an extremely intelligent man. You can’t be missing the boat here. Redeem yourself Lindsey. 



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