Finally – AP Confirms Horowitz Report “Principal Review Phase” Underway – “Invitations” For Witnesses and Lawyers…… | The Last Refuge

We finally have confirmation of a procedural process that allows us to anticipate the timing for public release of the FISA report from Inspector General Horowitz.

Right Here: Finally – AP Confirms Horowitz Report “Principal Review Phase” Underway – “Invitations” For Witnesses and Lawyers…… | The Last Refuge

#EricCiaramellaIsASpy & Other Sordid Tales from the Crypt.

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First i’d like to know how the Democrats won the House in 2018 during the mid terms.

Why did anyone let these people get elected? Did someone expect they were going to Congress in a spirit of bipartisanship? Could it be that the Democrats were more motivated to get to the polls? Is it possible that the Democrats outnumber the Republicans now?

Is there any chance Republicans didn’t make it to the polls, meaning some people just stayed home & thought it wasn’t a big deal?
It was a big deal and if anyone elected Democrats to encourage bipartisanship they weren’t too sharp. The Democrats have never been interested in bipartisanship. Remember they were calling for the impeachment of Pres Trump from day 1. It wasn’t more than a couple hours after he was sworn in they were pressing for impeachment. For that matter some were bringing up impeachment BEFORE he was sworn in. When someone tells you what they intend to do it’s a good idea to believe them.

So here we are now. For some reason the Democrats won the House back and Pelosi was elected Speaker. I think i recall some Democrat candidates saying they would be independent. You believed this? When Pelosi says jump they all say how high.

Democrats always fall in line,right or wrong.

Elections have consequences and that means as of 11/13/2019 the impeachment inquiry begins.
I want LIBERALS/ DEMOCRATS to sleep on this since they begged for it-demanded it.

Adam Schiff and his cohorts have now set a precedent.

I’m not going to get into all the machinations now, so we can keep it focused on the big picture. I’ll get into all the machinations in a future post.We’ll go into the sleaziest aspects then.Here’s the basics.

  1. Schiff has made himself the judge,jury executioner. He did it by vote to provide cover.Nonetheless he’s in charge-PERIOD.
  2. They have not charged the President with anything. They have alleged some possible wrong doing but they have not charged him with an actual offense. The allegation means he’s presumed guilty. In the court of public opinion the goal was to convince the public he’s guilty. They begin the inquiry with the assumption he’s guilty of something .He’s not even afforded the opportunity to prove his innocence so this is a process totally antithetical to our system. We say innocent until proven guilty. The Democrats are saying he’s guilty but not permitted to defend his innocence. It doesn’t get worse than that.Do you understand just how radical the Schiff inquiry is?
  3.  The President is not permitted to have his counsel defend him.
  4.  The Republicans can only call witnesses that Schiff approves. To date he’s only approved a very few. The Democrats may call as many witnesses as they like and who they like. Let’s be honest;if the Democrats have to get Schiff’s permission he is going to say yes. He already has.
  5. The President cannot face his accuser.

It’s how it’s done in a fascist government. Schiff is as close to a dictator as you’re going to get. Pot meet kettle. It’s everything they accused the President of.The Democrats have advantages. The media is part of the Democrat party. It’s their propaganda wing. Antifa is their militant wing or the Brown Shirts of the Democrat party. Pres Trump has his own advantages: his supporters are fiercely loyal*.  He’s getting results with his America First agenda & that’s on his side.

For the liberals,there’s your precedent. You better hope to God a Democrat does not get elected President because he/she is not going to stand a chance. The media will still be working with the Democrat party of course,but should the Republicans control Congress while a Democrat has won the executive branch[that is, the office of President], the new Democrat Pres will be doomed. He/she will be subjected to the precedent the Democrats set for the sole purpose of getting Trump. You do understand that? How would you like to be subjected to this kind of trial? Not possible? If you think it couldn’t be done to you,you think wrong.You think you have more clout than our clandestine intel agencies?

If they can do it to the President and his associates they can do it to you.You can be sure that it will come back to bite a Democrat President in the butt. Sooner or later there will be a Democrat President and Republican Congress.I personally do not want to hear a bit of whining when it bites. You set the precedent. Live with it.

There is a bright spot ahead if Lindsey Graham actually keeps his word. As long as the impeachment is not legit-that is,not  using due process-the impeachment is DOA when it reaches the Senate.Can he do that? YES.  I didn’t know the Democrats cared about legitimate rules so why can’t the Senate make them up as they go along too? That said,Graham will make sure they go by the rules anyway.There are several LEGITIMATE options the Senate Republicans can use. It’s also possible that Schiff’s sham impeachment will collapse before it even gets that far. We’ll see.

*there are a few fair weather supporters,like Ann Counter and Never Trumpers like Mitt Romney,plus some people whose support you can never be sure of. Those are the worst. They almost always have their own political ambitions & they try to keep them hidden from the public.


Dirty Business – ICIG Atkinson Receives Ethics Complaint Against CIA ‘Whistleblower’, Goes to Schiff Basement for Talks… | The Last Refuge

Chad Pergram noted that Intelligence Community Inspector General (IGIC) Michael Atkinson was spotted today going into HPSCI Chairman Schiffs’ basement bunker for discussions with the impeachment inquisitors.

Source: Dirty Business – ICIG Atkinson Receives Ethics Complaint Against CIA ‘Whistleblower’, Goes to Schiff Basement for Talks… | The Last Refuge