Meet 5 Young Black Leaders Who Fight for Conservative Values

If you’re black, you aren’t supposed to be a conservative.At least that’s what many African Americans say they’ve been told when they express support for President Donald Trump or reject left-wing talking points


.But at the recent Young Black Leadership Summit in the East Room of the White House, President Donald Trump gave more than 400 attendees a space to connect with like-minded peers and exchange battle stories about their experiences.


“Each of you has come to Washington for the Black Leadership Summit because you have what it takes to achieve real change on your campuses and in your communities,” Trump said in opening remarks at the Oct. 4 summit.

“And to every young person: You represent America’s future. You are the best and the brightest, the bravest and boldest.

”Organized by Turning Point USA, the second annual Young Black Leadership Summit aimed to build a groundswell of support for conservative ideas within black communities across America.


Hosting attendees from 16 to 37 years old, Turning Point USA sponsored several young leaders, paying for their transportation, lodging, and meals so that they would be able to attend.


The Daily Signal spoke with five young people who attended the summit about what it means to be black and a conservative and going against the current in a world obsessed with conformity.


‘We All Have One Mission’For Charrise Lane, 20, the summit offered a chance to meet other conservatives and hear from speakers celebrating the role African Americans have played throughout U.S. history.


“The ideology of conservatism brings everyone together,” Lane, of Orlando, Florida, says. “We all have one mission: to have people start embracing being pro-America, and being pro-God, and being pro-family.”

Source: Meet 5 Young Black Leaders Who Fight for Conservative Values