“…for the battle is not yours, but God’s.” | kaiserswest

So, the world is banging on the door, again. LOL. Once more, identity thieves have been at it. This time, a man from Pakistan chose to steal the personal information from people who play “Words with Friends” online. Over 218 million people. And, one of them would be me. Recently, I was getting these weird invites to play rounds with perfect strangers. All men. All in my relative age group. I had my identity locked down. No email. No full name. No personal information. And then, quite suddenly, all these invites to play games with men I do not know. My husband just happened to mention it to me, in passing, about the identity theft. And it all made sense. The “bots” were hammering at me to be weak and let them in. Not gonna happen. A game is not worth my personal security. Or my online security. For many I played the game with, this was our single point of contact, and I will miss gabbing with them as we play. But if our friendship revolves only around a game, it is not much of a relationship. I do miss my online friends and that game, though!!

Source: “…for the battle is not yours, but God’s.” | kaiserswest