They Came from the Basement

The secret meetings in the Capitol Building moved upstairs this week.
The creatures crawled up to the main floor. Nobody will admit it,but the Matt Gaetz siege of the SCIF [getting the media to cover it] was the turning point. I believe that if Gaetz had not marched down those steps with his fellow Republicans they’d STILL be meeting in secret.The media gave Gaetz et al negative coverage of course,but the folks got the message. They knew the secret meetings in the dark weren’t right.Gaetz and his companions put a light on the cockroaches(and they scattered).

It’s not dead yet,but it’s on life support,thanks to the Democrats.Pelosi said nobody gets elected to impeach a President.Wrong. This will be at least the 3rd time they’ve tried it.
They’ve been trying since the day he put his hand on the Bible and swore the oath of office.

The House took a vote on the inquiry rules. They-the Dems that is- codified the process they were already using. The Republicans wanted no part of it and 2 Democrats joined them.No Republicans voted for it. The party is actually unified.
Meantime,Lindsey Graham drew up a resolution in the Senate and to date has 50 votes supporting it. There are 3 holdouts who will side with the Democrats but they’re the same 3 people who almost always side with the Democrats. They’re in the wrong party.

Full Text of the Resolution(pdf file)
Here is the presser Sen Graham gave re the resolution.I think at the time he already had 40 some signatures.He explains his pov re the process the Democrats came up with. The resolution could put a stop on the trial. PERIOD.

Solution:Vote Republican in 2020 especially a re-election of Pres Trump
Four More Years PLS,then he’ll retire in Florida.