Drag Queen Accidentally Flashes Children at Story Hour – National File

Yet another Drag Queen Story Hour event, a drag queen reportedly accidentally flashed a group of children.Plenty of controversy has surrounded drag story times which have taken place at a variety of venues around America.Those critical of the events consider them to be a waste of public resources, or, the fact that children are being exposed to something which has been historically associated with sexuality.Some have expressed support for the event, stressing the importance of nurturing children within an environment of tolerance towards those with unorthodox identities.At a drag queen story hour at Hennepin County Library in Hennepin County, Minnesota, a performer by the name  “Sasha Sosa,” appears to accidentally flash their crotch at the audience during the event.

Source: Drag Queen Accidentally Flashes Children at Story Hour – National File
If you want to teach children about tolerance have a meet and greet for people with disabilities,ethnic groups,nationalities.Talk about how great our country became accepting refugees and immigrants(LEGAL). Talk about the opportunities people with disabilities have and the care we give to people who can’t take care of themselves. Invite older citizens,police officers, Native Americans & different races; people they may have distorted views of. It can be based on character. There’s no reason to base it on sexuality.