The author of The Plot Against the President Gives His Take On Dems “Impeachment”

It might be hyperbole but it certainly sums it up very well. I think MOST Americans can see through what the Democrats are doing.I have that much faith in the American people. They’re not stupid like Pelosi and Schiff think they are and they’re fair minded. If they think someone is getting the shaft they’re the first to stick up for them.
What I find amazing about this whole impeachment debacle is that Adam Schiff and Nany Pelosi both represent districts in California. Look what’s going on in the once Golden State. They don’t have the time of day for the problems of California. They’re too tied up with attacking the President to care.They don’t even care about all the legislation that’s on hold and both of these things are their job;what they were elected for.
I’m ordering Lee Smith’s book The Plot Against the President as a birthday gift to myself(Nov 7). Can’t wait to read it!!!
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