(89) Tucker: Not clear what ‘high crime’ Trump committed – YouTube They KNOW their isn’t one. 🆅🅾🆃🅴 🆁🅴🅳 and get them out. #Shampeachment @RepAdamSchiff 

This is a REAL Quid Pro Quo and he does it right in the open.In fact he BRAGS about it-the media/Democrat party doesn’t care.

It’s not an impeachment at all.It’s the Ukraine Hoax. All they did was substitute the word Russia with Ukraine. Their goal was impeachment from day one. What we have here is a bunch of sore losers trying to undo a legitimate election and the will of the voters.
Schiff and Pelosi should be looking out for their own state,California. It’s going down in flames LITERALLY and they don’t care. All they care about is getting the President removed from office,even if means lying to do it.